1 May 2015

Fashion Friday

Thank you so much for the comments and emails and support and love. I appreciate it more than you know. You might not think that taking a minute to write a few lines will make much difference but I can tell you that your words and the fact that you troubled to write them have a huge impact on me. Thank you.

It feels frivolous to now post a Fashion Friday but in the spirit of keeping on keeping on, and keeping things normal here on my blog, here is what I wore to church.

 photo Black and white and teal 1_zpsbiddff1q.jpg

 photo Black and white and teal 2_zpszwtgod2v.jpg

 photo heels10.jpg

Cardigan: thrifted (SaveMart)
Dress: The Warehouse (on sale)
Belt: thrifted
Shoes: eBay
Earrings: gift from Grant
Nail polish: "Celebrity" by Catwalk Nails

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  1. I always love your outfits. I also love how it's always Thursday evening here when you post "Fashion Friday" lol

    1. I'm ahead of the game for once!

  2. So cute! I just bought a navy blue and white polka dot dress to wear for my daughter's college graduation this week-end. I'm wearing it with a soft yellow cardigan, and white ballet flats. I love the blues you've paired with yours...I'm going to keep an eye out for one in that shade. :)

    1. Your outfit sounds delightful, I'd love to see it! My dress is actually black and white - I'm in search of some navy as I have hardly any in my wardrobe.

  3. I love the vintage feel of this outfit! The shoes are amazing as well - I have been looking to add a pair like that to my wardrobe. I am going to have to give EBay a look!


    1. Thank you :) I miss being able to buy shoes on eBay - enjoy your shopping!


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