28 May 2015

We've moved!

I've missed blogging! I know it's only been a short while, but it will probably be a little longer before I can blog properly. We made the move to Taranaki on Monday and I'm knee deep in boxes, trying to get everything unpacked and organised. We've moved 16 times now, but this was the first move since I became ill with an auto-immune disease and I'm learning that it's an entirely different kettle of fish. Normally I'd have all boxes unpacked within 2 days, and then can set about organising and decorating and checking out mid-century modern furniture online, but not so this time. It's going to take a bit longer, but that's okay. I just have to pace myself.

Moving day actually spread over two days. The original plan was to load up and move on Monday, but when the removal company guys came round on Saturday to check how much stuff we had, he said he wanted to load up on Sunday so that we could hit the road first thing on Monday morning.

Thankfully Grant had been doing the cleaning in advance, putting all of the mattresses in the lounge so that he could clean the bedrooms (he does the admin and cleaning, I do the packing and unpacking). Changing the plans meant we had to find somewhere to sleep on Sunday night, which was no problem as my bestie Carley was happy to have us stay at her place.

On Sunday the removal guys arrived with a small truck. Before they'd even turned into our driveway Grant and I were both saying, "No WAY is all of our stuff going to fit in there." We addressed it with them and they insisted that it would work.

They commenced trying to fit everything in, even dismantling some of our furniture. Of course it didn't fit, and they had to wait for a larger truck to come, and then unload everything from the small truck to the big one. They finished up so late.

On Monday morning we headed straight out at 7am, driving down to Taranaki, which took 5 hours. We were so ecstatic to be in our house! But then we waited and waited for the truck to arrive. We had some cleaning supplies with us and put them to good use as the house was filthy (we still have a LOT of cleaning to do).

Eventually the truck turned up in the late afternoon and we all helped to unload. The guy in charge gleefully informed me in conversation that they'd only set off at 10am as he liked a lie-in!! I was so annoyed!

It was late by the time everything was unloaded and I just got the beds ready for us to sleep in our own home for the first time.

It's been unpacking and school visits and buying uniforms and DIY repairs since then. The boys have both had a good start at their new schools so far. I promise I'll have photos of the house to share as soon as I'm done with the boxes and have some time to take and edit them. In the meantime, here are two videos of our moving adventure. (Click here and here to see the videos if they're not showing up.)

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