3 June 2015

First photos of the house: Bathroom / Loo / Laundry room

We've been in our house for a week now, and we've had some ups and downs. You'll know about them if you watched the vlog that I filmed on Monday (click here to see it). Basically Grant has spent all week dealing with plumbing issues!

To start with, he couldn't find the mains stopcock (called a Toby here in New Zealand). He looked everywhere, phoned the previous owner, looked where he said it was - nothing. Eventually the previous owner came over and showed Grant where it was, which was nowhere near where he said it was. It was under a layer of earth and had to be dug to before the little door could be opened.

Once the water was turned off he could try replacing the washing machine tap, which was leaking all over the hardwood floor. It was back and forth to the hardware store in town 15 minutes away, trying to get the right parts. Eventually that was fixed and the washing machine hooked up but then the washing machine hose was leaking! So he had to pick one up in town and replace that too.

The bath taps turned on fine when I ran a bath, but then the hot water tap wouldn't turn off. I eventually got it off with much difficulty. Grant took it apart and went to buy a replacement piece that was faulty, but the taps are so old that they don't even make them anymore! So we ordered new bath taps and basin taps. In the meantime he switched the part with the cold tap so it's the cold water that is difficult to turn off, which is a bit safer.

The bath taps are set far apart so we couldn't buy a mixer, we had to stick to separate taps - annoying.

Grant also spent some time installing a waste disposal as there was none, and the dishwasher, which was finally delivered on Thursday (was meant to come on Tuesday). We have also ordered a new kitchen tap as the one we have is disgusting!

Speaking of disgusting, Grant has also been cleaning while I've been unpacking - this is the kind of thing he had to deal with (this was what he found when he pulled the stove out):

 photo behind stove 01_zpsg3exw77l.jpg

 photo behind stove 02_zpsxwtsznqp.jpg
Today I have had a very productive day, including taking and editing some photos of the house. I still have a lot to photograph and share with you, but here are some to start with.

The bathroom leads into the toilet, which leads into the laundry room (where they have installed a shower) which has a doorway to the back passageway. Very random, but houses built in 1961 generally don't have showers installed at the time, so someone added one into the laundry room somewhere along the way. It's good to have a shower, even if it is randomly located. Of course you know I have big plans for this entire area ;)

 photo bathroom 01_zpsmli7gic3.jpg

 photo bathroom 02_zps0llyq9on.jpg

 photo bathroom 03_zpsfoc0euwi.jpg

 photo bathroom 04_zpsppsfhqh0.jpg

 photo bathroom 05_zpsggpqis3s.jpg

This was taken standing in the doorway from the bathroom to the toilet:

 photo toilet 01_zpsvnpni0fb.jpg

 photo toilet 02_zpslr9l2dv5.jpg

The view from the loo - door on left is to bathroom, door on right is to laundry room:

 photo toilet 03_zpsnblertet.jpg

This was taken from the door to the back passageway - the door ahead leads into the toilet:

 photo laundry room 01_zpsva4x0lit.jpg

 photo laundry room 02_zpsbqn06lhv.jpg

 photo laundry room 03_zpspseckekd.jpg

Standing in the toilet doorway:

 photo laundry room 04_zpstze6ndab.jpg

 photo laundry room 05_zpsg8gyrvnf.jpg

 photo laundry room 06_zpsar4do2fw.jpg

I'll share more pictures in the next post, coming soon!

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  1. Your new home is so spacious! It is going to be fun to watch as you work on it to make it truly yours.

    1. I'll share our projects here for you to follow along :)

  2. Awesome place - great potential! On another note, I've never heard of a stopcock being called a Toby here in NZ!

    1. That is so weird! We call it a stopcock but on the LIM report it was called a Toby, when Grant phoned the council to see if they knew where it was they called it a Toby, and when he asked the previous owner about it he called it a Toby! Maybe it's a regional thing.

  3. nice home


  4. SQUEE I've never watched one of your vlogs before but this time I clicked through and your accent is just too cute omg cute cute cute. I was expecting the South African accent and it wasn't.
    Your house and section omg I can just see you will make great things of all of this. The random toilet in the middle gosh middle of the greenhouse. Random.
    And that filth and grime and rubbish GGGRRRR

    1. Aw, you are so kind! Thanks for taking the time to comment, and with a compliment too :)
      We have so many plans for the house / section, and I'll be sure to share our changes as we go along.

  5. OK so now I'm just addicted to watching all your vlogs .. .. .. monkeys wedding :) lol

    1. LOL Thanks for watching!

  6. All the doors and the randomly placed bathroom fixtures is killing me!! It looks clean though and that counts for a lot. You should buy handles and taps w/ a mixer so when you do do a little remodel you'll have it. You could pull something together till then. So excited for more photos. Is there only one loo and bathroom?

    1. Me too!! I so want to gut the whole situation and start again.
      And it looks clean in the photos, but it isn't really. Thankfully it's not as dirty as the kitchen but still kinda gross. We are working on it!
      There is only one loo and bathroom, which sucks. We're hoping to get the sleepout ensuite done soon so at least we'll have a second shower and not such an outdoor toilet (if this doesn't make sense, I show what's up with the outside toilet in one of my vlogs this week, so sorry about that!)

    2. Maybe you could sketch a rough floor plan. What a super fun blank slate! You will do amazing things!!! A toilet out side? So strange. When was your house built?

    3. It was built in 1961. I do plan to do a floor plan and start planning changes (also to the kitchen) but I have a few jobs I need to tackle first.

  7. I love your tiger hardwood floors! That's a good bone to start with right there.

    1. Thank you, I love them too! They are rimu (NZ red pine) or matai (NZ black pine), not sure which.

  8. Your hardwood floors are beautiful!

    1. Thank you, I'm in love with them too!


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