15 June 2015

How I organise my clothes

I filmed this video (see bottom of post) and took these photos before we moved, and thought it was about time I shared them. I use most of the same system now, but I'll use past tense for this post as we are no longer in that home.

Our last home was a (rented) 1960's house which means it did not have a walk-in closet or anything like that. All we had was one small closet in the bedroom:

 photo organise clothes 01_zpsxcn7jn7q.jpg

Grant chose to keep his clothes in the guest room closet so I had this one all to myself. My dad moved the hanging rail higher (there was a shelf with a hanging rail beneath it) and I added a portable garment rack beneath it to maximise hanging space.

 photo organise clothes 02_zpsefabigkw.jpg

I also added two sets of hooks to the back of the door. The bottom one held my tank tops and camis:

 photo organise clothes 03_zps5jiphlec.jpg

The top one held my workout gear with my jacket on the end and then shorts, top, sports bra; shorts, top, sports bra. Super easy to just grab a set.

 photo organise clothes 04_zpsz7mtvsy7.jpg

The top hanging rail held my pants and T-shirts in colour order and from short sleeved to three quarter sleeved to long sleeved.

 photo organise clothes 05_zpshdow2m7d.jpg

I labeled my pants hangers (click here for details) to make it easy to know what was what.

 photo organise clothes 06_zpsx9lfm2qd.jpg

At the end of the top hanging rail I had this belt organiser from eBay:

 photo organise clothes 07_zpsgacgxn2h.jpg

Next to that I had a skirt hanger to which I added extra binder clips to hold ribbons that I use as belts:

 photo organise clothes 08_zpscz0q51u8.jpg

And at the end was a clear pocket organiser (also from eBay) for bangles.

 photo organise clothes 09_zpse9bnul6e.jpg

The bottom rail held my cardigans and sweaters in colour order.

 photo organise clothes 10_zpswgcodguh.jpg

In our room I also had clothes in my chest of drawers / nightstand. The top drawer held my underwear and socks. This is what was in the second drawer:

 photo organise clothes 11_zpsckh0pvmy.jpg

 photo organise clothes 12_zps4inxmlpf.jpg

But wait, that's not all! I also used one of the two closets in Noah's bedroom as he only needed one.

 photo organise clothes 13_zps82xyhn23.jpg

 photo organise clothes 14_zpsbt1nfefp.jpg

On the top shelf I kept items of clothing that the boys were outgrowing or about to grow into.

 photo organise clothes 15_zpsxz7a4o1i.jpg

The hanging rail stored my skirts, dresses, button down shirts, and jackets.

 photo organise clothes 16_zpspqfabett.jpg

I bought this scarf organiser on eBay.

 photo organise clothes 17_zpshkfj7zy4.jpg

These are my preferred hangers for skirts. I can't remember where I bought them. If I buy a skirt that doesn't have hanging loops I add them.

 photo organise clothes 18_zpshwtjawwv.jpg

My boots stood at the bottom of the closet.

 photo organise clothes 19_zpsutxt7lg8.jpg

In the hallway I also had a bookcase from Ikea (Billy, with added shelves and Lidingo kitchen doors) in which to store my shoes.

 photo organise clothes 20_zpsiirj5vxk.jpg

At the top I had two pairs of sandals and a metal bin in which I stashed my flat summer sandals.

 photo organise clothes 21_zps7xr7ym6g.jpg

 photo organise clothes 22_zps8bclf2xa.jpg

The top doors opened to reveal heels in rainbow order.

 photo organise clothes 24_zpsx5yetqcd.jpg

In the bottom I stored the rest of my shoes.

 photo organise clothes 25_zpsvgixji8x.jpg

An overview. I know I have a lot of shoes. I'm okay with that ;)

 photo organise clothes 23_zpsiwldkwsp.jpg

Here is a video tour of my clothing storage (click here if the video isn't displaying below.)

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  1. Thank you Jen for this post, the idea of labeling the pants hanger inspired me as well as the shoe storage and the belt organizer.
    Waiting to other posts of organisation or else, I like your blog a lot and following it


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