10 June 2015

Photos of the house: Bedrooms

Here are the last of the interior photos. Please remember that the wide-angle lens makes everything look bigger than it actually is. (I used it so I could fit more of the room into each shot). These are definitely the "before" photos - especially of our room!

First up, Noah's room. He has the biggest bedroom. We chose to give him that room because Grant and I prefer it darker when we sleep, and his room has two windows. It is also at the front of the house so it is exposed to more noise from the living area and garden. Grant works shifts and needs to sleep at random times, so we had to consider things like that.

The reason that Noah got a bigger room than Daniel is because he has more toys to store and also plays with toys that need a lot of floor space, like train tracks.

View from the door:

 photo noah room 01_zpsyow3b7yl.jpg

 photo noah room 02_zpskhdtb7jq.jpg

 photo noah room 03_zpse3c4weg1.jpg

 photo noah room 04_zpsgvfuymab.jpg

 photo noah room 05_zpsazkw8rab.jpg

 photo noah room 06_zps34mcmclj.jpg

 photo noah room 07_zps0yqalywr.jpg

Daniel's room is in the middle:

 photo dan room 01_zpsgryjmrgj.jpg

 photo dan room 02_zpsrrxecnvo.jpg

 photo dan room 03_zps5wqhdtzp.jpg

 photo dan room 04_zpszwpbmmkc.jpg

 photo dan room 05_zpsuefhogxy.jpg

 photo dan room 06_zps6koyxvug.jpg

And finally our bedroom. The yellow walls are NOT to our taste - especially not when paired with the orange quilt!

 photo master bedroom 01_zps1adfdwgs.jpg

 photo master bedroom 02_zpsoakgwfxe.jpg

 photo master bedroom 03_zpsqvhplo8t.jpg

 photo master bedroom 04_zpsap0zucou.jpg

 photo master bedroom 05_zpslejwiy7d.jpg

 photo master bedroom 06_zpsknty1jkk.jpg

 photo master bedroom 07_zps7rnb3ixp.jpg

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