8 June 2015

Photos of the house: Living room and hallway

I'm back with some more photos of the house - this time the hallway and living room. I've already made some changes to both, but I'm awaiting some bits before I show you.

This is the view into the hallway from the front door. The thing on the wall dead ahead is an old gas heater that we will have removed:

 photo hallway 03_zpsopdt70os.jpg

 photo hallway 05_zpswtjkpmhp.jpg

Facing back the other way towards the front door:

 photo hallway 01_zpsmnlyh25h.jpg

 photo hallway 02_zpsbar4a13w.jpg

 photo hallway 04_zpsuzx29boo.jpg

I love that midcentury houses have this little nook in the hallway:

 photo hallway 07_zpsuxjsonvh.jpg

This is standing in front of our bedroom door with the hallway to the left - this is the back passageway. On the right is a door to the bathroom, on the left are some storage cupboards, and ahead is the kitchen. As you can see, I still have boxes to unpack. You can see my shoe storage cabinet just before the kitchen doorway; opposite it is the back door and door to the laundry room.

 photo hallway 06_zpsrjfgv5x4.jpg

On to the living room. This is the view from the dining room:

 photo living room 01_zpsgimwhrse.jpg

 photo living room 02_zpspias9vzf.jpg

View from the hallway:

 photo living room 03_zpstqufophe.jpg

 photo living room 04_zpspqwx6y32.jpg

 photo living room 05_zpsv9tlagcl.jpg

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