18 July 2015

Radio silence

I feel SO BAD for neglecting my blog so much!! I have all these intentions of blogging and then just don't have the time - or rather the uninterrupted time to actually think.

I have also been pretty slack about blogging any of the things we are doing around the house. You'll have seen them if you watch my daily vlogs but I know not everyone does, and I'm sorry!

It's been school holidays and we have been dealing with extremely cold weather, and the house isn't really set up for that kind of cold. The window frames have gaps in them, and while the roof space and under the floor is insulated, the walls aren't yet, and we have been freeeezing our buns off. It's hard to feel motivated and creative when you are in survival mode. Having a dodgy thyroid is bad news when it's so cold.

The weather has turned milder for a bit, which we are enjoying, and the kids are off to school again on Monday, so hopefully I'll have a proper post up soon! Thank you for your patience with me!

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