11 July 2015

Under sink storage

Want to see one of my post popular blog posts ever? It's this one - the storage under the sink in our last home in England. So it was kind of ironic that the under-sink area in our current home looked like this for a while:

 photo under sink 01_zpsdhdwxuys.jpg

We don't have any space for shelves under there as there's a waste disposal unit, lots of pipes, and the rubbish bin. So I made sure, when organising it, to utilise the backs of the doors and the walls.

 photo under sink 02_zpskumg103s.jpg

As you can see, I added wire baskets - the one on the left holds our cleaning sprays and fly spray; the one on the right holds rinse aid (at the back) and dishwasher tablets. I added a nail to the door for the dish brush, a nail at the back for the squeegee, and nails on the left for the plugs, dustpan, and brush. At the back I store seldom-used things like drain unblocker, oven cleaner, etc. The basket on the left holds sponges, scourers and spare scrubbing brushes.

Aaah, much better!

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  1. Your various 'Under the sink' posts all help inspire others to tackle such areas of the home. Ours was one such area that had a little Jen Morris inspiration: http://nzhouseholdlogistics.blogspot.co.nz/2013/09/project-kitchen-part-1-under-kitchen.html
    So thank you again for sharing and sparking inspiration in others.

  2. love the idea of adding wire basket to the door.


  3. How very funny that you are the tension rod blogger and I'm just now learning the connection. Like probably thousands of people I saw and pinned that pin too. Your new sink organisation is lovely and looks very functional.

    1. LOL that's me!
      Thanks for the compliment.


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