8 August 2015

Updates around the house - hallway

Ugh, I have been SO bad at blogging lately. There are so many posts I want to do but somehow just don't quite get there.

I wanted to hop on here today and share a few updates we've made around the house since moving here two months ago. I am still not organised, and there are still 8 boxes to unpack, but we're getting there.

I'll take it room by room, I think. I actually have been working on this post forever because I wanted to show everything at once, but I think I'll share each room in a separate post and maybe I'll actually get them done!!

Starting with the hallway as you enter the house. Here's how it looked shortly after we moved in:

 photo hallway 03_zpsopdt70os.jpg

 photo hallway 04_zpsuzx29boo.jpg

Changes we've made:
- hung a shelf on the wall and filled it with little baskets
- changed the seat pad cover
- hung artwork
- hung a star above the key nook
- hung key holder in key nook

Here's how it looks now.

 photo hall 01_zpsrchruxh8.jpg

 photo hall 02_zps5hfl5je3.jpg

 photo hall 03_zpsqiitnb68.jpg

What we still plan to do:
- remove wallpaper and get walls smooth - filler? new plaster?
- paint walls
- sand and varnish floorboards
- paint inside key nook contrasting colour
- put some colour behind baskets in shelves - paper?
- install a funky light fitting
- have old gas heater removed
- hang full length mirror where gas heater was

- repaint all woodwork and trim
- remove old doorbell and install the cordless one we have
- possibly replace prints in frames and make new bench cushion cover to match

I'll try my best to get the rest of the posts up soon!! Thanks for your patience with my appalling blogging lately.

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