29 September 2015

Budget bathroom / laundry room makeover reveal

Hello, lovelies! It's been a while, but I've really been enjoying my little blogging break. I'm back today to share with you the budget-friendly makeover we've done to our bathroom and laundry room.

The long term plan is to rip everything out and re-jig it all, putting the shower and toilet into the bathroom, having a separate laundry room, and adding an extra toilet BUT that won't be for ages. In the meantime we made some cosmetic changes to the rooms and we love the result!

If you recall, we have a bathroom on one end, a laundry room (with shower) on the other end, with the toilet in the middle, with doors leading to the bathroom and laundry room. Very strange layout.

They were all looking very dingy and dated, with blue paint on the walls and bold tiles.

I'll begin with the bathroom. This is how it looked when we moved in.

 photo bathroom 03_zpsfoc0euwi.jpg

 photo bathroom 04_zpsppsfhqh0.jpg

 photo bathroom 05_zpsggpqis3s.jpg

 photo bathroom 01_zpsmli7gic3.jpg

What we did:
- replaced the bath and basin taps
- primed and painted the tiles and wood trim around the tiles
- primed and painted the vanity
- added new knobs to the vanity (from the dollar store)
- gave all of the white woodwork a fresh coat of white paint
- painted the walls with two coats of Dulux paint in Manorburn Double
- added a few accessories to the windowsill
- got a new soap pump
- added a canvas above the bath
- replaced the light fitting; you may also install a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

- added a towel rail to the end of the bath and to the back of the door
- updated the hand towel rail.

This is how it looks now:

 photo reveal 04_zps7fcrrnpv.jpg

 photo reveal 02_zpsxsyf4vza.jpg

 photo reveal 08_zps1xrqmylm.jpg

 photo reveal 07_zpsjqgy6hn0.jpg

 photo reveal 06_zpssv9kjsls.jpg

 photo reveal 05_zpso3woymx3.jpg

 photo reveal 03_zpsvyze3ila.jpg

 photo reveal 12_zpsmuo5sdcy.jpg

The candle holder is from Kmart and picks up on copper tones in the canvas (which was from The Warehouse, on sale).

 photo reveal 09_zpshj5ayxwb.jpg

The jars were from The Warehouse and hold my cotton pads, Dove soaps, and homemade bath salts, with a little espresso cup (thrifted) as a scoop.

 photo reveal 10_zpsvhyix8pd.jpg

When I saw this soap pump at Bed Bath and Beyond I had to have it! I love that it ties in the chrome taps and the copper candle holder. The fact that it was 50% off was a bonus.

 photo reveal 11_zpsjkm1ggtj.jpg

I already had the turquoise towels and bath mat, so I didn't spend any money on those. Here's what the old light fitting looked like:

 photo reveal 25_zpsoavxunz5.jpg

And here is the new one (from Bunnings):

 photo reveal 26_zpswyoliljq.jpg

Right, on to the loo! Before, it was a uninspiring blue box.

 photo toilet 02_zpslr9l2dv5.jpg

 photo toilet 03_zpsnblertet.jpg

What I did:
- gave all of the white woodwork a fresh coat of white paint
- painted the walls with two coats of Dulux paint in Manorburn Double
- added a few accessories to the windowsill (which I already had)
- created two collages of photographs that I'd taken and framed them in thrifted IKEA frames that I already had
- painted a piece of wood and added it above the doors for extra toilet paper storage

We have yet to find a replacement toilet paper holder that isn't ridiculously priced, so ignore that that is missing! Here's how the loo looks now.

 photo reveal 27_zpsh52izyn6.jpg

 photo reveal 28_zpsovzkbcen.jpg

 photo reveal 19_zpsdjvny2bp.jpg

I wanted to do collages instead of regular single pictures so there was a lot to look at when sitting on the loo ;) One is winter / autumn themed, one is spring / summer themed. Here is a clearer look:

 photo collage 1_zpscafktdbf.jpg

 photo collage 2_zpsdvart2b5.jpg

And finally, the laundry room. Here's how it looked when we moved in:

 photo laundry room 01_zpsva4x0lit.jpg

 photo laundry room 03_zpspseckekd.jpg

 photo laundry room 04_zpstze6ndab.jpg

 photo laundry room 05_zpsg8gyrvnf.jpg

What I did:
- gave all of the white woodwork a fresh coat of white paint
- painted the walls with two coats of Dulux paint in Manorburn Double
- added a mirror (which I already had)
- hung two pieces of artwork (painted by Noah) that I already had
- hung some little canvases that were a gift from my friend Carley
- installed a small counter over the washing machine
- removed the old shelf and hung two new house-shaped shelves (from The Warehouse, on sale)
- bought new towels (from Spotlight, on sale) and bath mat (from The Warehouse, on sale)
- removed the dark navy blue shower curtain and bought a transparent one from the dollar store to let light into the shower
- bought a new shower head and moved it from the side wall of the shower to the back wall

Here's how it looks now.

 photo reveal 13_zpscob3fl33.jpg

 photo reveal 14_zpsp3vm33zi.jpg

 photo reveal 15_zpsv2mqj8l3.jpg

 photo reveal 29_zpsly1r4rxs.jpg

 photo reveal 16_zpsaewxxlbx.jpg

I'm in love with these little shelves! House symbols are meaningful to me. The top one holds a container for lost socks, the bottom one has an old hi-fi speaker onto which Grant put an earphone jack for me to plug my phone into (I like music when I'm in the shower). The little chicken ornament was from Pak n Save.

 photo reveal 17_zpsntlqpudm.jpg

I hope you like the finished result as much as we do! If you'd like to see the reveal video that I made, here it is (or click on over to here if you can't see it embedded below.)

And here are some before-and-after shots to finish up with.

 photo reveal 21_zpsxv0bkete.jpg

 photo reveal 22_zpsyfj0dkqo.jpg

 photo reveal 20_zpsjdetbn99.jpg

 photo reveal 24_zpsmiz9cggo.jpg

 photo reveal 23_zpsueqiswpa.jpg

And, if you feel inspired to pin this post, here is a pinable image.

 photo reveal 01_zpszgcvod4d.jpg

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