21 October 2015

Get glamorous with Truese dresses

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Talk about healthy body image is all the rage. So let's get real here: What you see on TV and in the movies is just not realistic or healthy. People don't actually dress that way or look that way and shouldn't even try. At least, that's true most of the time.

 photo dress 1_zps0v7n0mqh.jpg

Although you shouldn't feel bad about not looking like a character in a movie on a day to day basis, you should also not hesitate to jump at the chance to put on the Ritz once in a while for that rare formal occasion. Maybe you work for a big company and they have an annual ball. Or maybe you have been invited to a military ball. Or maybe you are going to the races.

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This is the point at which you should try to look like a movie star. This is the right time for hunting down Hollywood glamour inspired fashions, like Truese dresses, and go all out. Forget the debates about political correctness. Close all those browser tabs full of critical articles suggesting that real equality should allow women to dress and look like men.

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If you get too wrapped up in what Hollywood does, it can give you crazy, unhealthy ideas about what women should look like and how they should dress. But for that once in a blue moon formal event, forget all those debates. Go nuts and have fun. That's the whole point of attending something like that. It's healthy to let loose occasionally.

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