10 October 2015

The Charm of Pendant Lighting

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When people speak of decoration, just thinking of vase, painting and furniture indicates that you are out of fashion. It might be somewhat arrogant to say this but I definitely would like to remind you the effect of charming hanging pendant lights. It is possible that sometimes you are gratified with the color, the wall pictures and plants. But you just know there’s something lacking. Just as I said, you know it for no reason. What is it? Uh, does that have something to do with the ceiling light? Think it over before you read the following words.

 photo light_zpsrotjxxyz.jpg 
Modern Style Aeolian Bells Wooden Pendant Light

There’s so much to say but I’d better begin with my favorite wooden pendant lights. I always think that lights suggest style and character to rooms. Wooden pendant lighting, thanks to its material, adds comfort and warmth to the house. They match things easily no matter the overall décor is traditional or modern. The natural color helps building a soothing living space. If you are handy enough, collect some discarded wood or tree branches and then follow the patterns here to craft your own wooden lamps.

 photo light 02_zpshj03lly2.jpg
Modern Style Square Shape Wooden Pendant Light with Ball Frosted Glass Diffuser

Look at these beautiful classics. Want to bring the famous design along with vibrant colors home? Believe me! You are standing on the right side. Avoid hanging crystal or other bright chandeliers in all rooms. Try a less shinning light. Tiffany style pendants share two features: exquisite art glass shade and meticulously craftsmanship. Leaving one of your rooms to be dimly lit is perhaps the key to add mysterious feeling.

 photo light 03_zpsumx7lh75.jpg
2 Lights Tiffany Style Pendant Light with White Background

 photo light 04_zpstaqbx1g7.jpg
Tiffany Style Flower and Butterfly Motif Pendant Light

Tired of the noise of bars? Then work out your mind to create a tranquil bar within your home. Bottle shaped pendant lights will be second to none to meet the demands. Not only are they in bottle shape, but they have brands on the shades. You can choose the one with your favorite drink brand. How cool it is to drink in a relaxing and comfortable place. Just remember that they are lights and don’t mistake them as your favorite drinks.

 photo light 05_zps7vhhiaw1.jpg
Ballantine's Finest Liquor Bottle Hanging Pendant Light in Brown

 photo light 06_zpswbuegeji.jpg
Jim Beam Liquor Bottle Pendant Light with Clear Glass Shade

Vintage hanging lights infuse retro feeling in a house. And it’s quite safe to use these lights if you are not good at matching because they are a great way to set any style for your décor. Delicate metal appearance lends them sense of high quality and helps to create a little solemn and quiet living environment.

 photo light 07_zpsi6aoem3h.jpg

Finally, don’t hesitate to use pendants for decoration. Click here to check out the huge collections. All lights are free shipping and free returns. Up to 30% off for all you guys.

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