4 November 2015

Halloween party decorations

Last Wednesday (28th) a friend posted a fun Halloween tip on Facebook and it inspired me to have a little get-together at our home for Halloween. I phoned a couple of friends and invited them and their families over on Friday (30th). Luckily, despite the short notice, they both said yes.

I then spent Thursday and Friday having fun decorating and making Halloween themed food. I used what I had, rather than spending money, partly because Grant had the car so I couldn't get to the shops even if I wanted to. I was able to shoot to the dollar 10 minutes before it closed to pick up plates, cups, and serviettes.

Of course I had to share the details with you!

Here is an overview of the decorations.

 photo Halloween decorations 06_zpsnwzgr4tk.jpg

 photo Halloween decorations 09_zps3zcm8itu.jpg

I found some cute printables and put them into frames that were already in the living room.

 photo Halloween decorations 01_zpsddywqms4.jpg

Then I turned my attention to the mantelpiece. I focused most of the decorating here, to create one big focal point.

 photo Halloween decorations 02_zpsh2u0ldtk.jpg

We have tons of rocks in the garden so I took a few and painted them with acrylic paint, then added letter stickers. I did have to use superglue on the letter stickers to get them to stay stuck. I scattered the rocks on the hearth.

 photo Halloween decorations 03_zpsrqbigxwl.jpg

 photo Halloween decorations 04_zpshhlwcy7z.jpg

To the right of the mantelpiece we have a lamp. I raided the kids' stuffed toys and found a rat and a bat to hang out at the lamp based, and printed and cut out a spider silhouette which I stuck inside the lampshade.

 photo Halloween decorations 05_zpsalzzq2dj.jpg

Because I took the photo of the boys on the chimney breast, I have the digital file. I opened it in Photoshop and turned my little darlings into vampires, then printed them and stuck them to the glass. I wasn't going to open up a professionally framed picture and mess with it!

 photo Halloween decorations 07_zpsr6hhaau6.jpg

On the mantel I was able to use my antique bottle collection - I just found printable spooky labels online and stuck them on with tape.

 photo Halloween decorations 08_zps0r05slw5.jpg

 photo Halloween decorations 10_zpsjm5nuun0.jpg

 photo Halloween decorations 11_zpsmvca8pv7.jpg

 photo Halloween decorations 12_zpssabffotz.jpg

 photo Halloween decorations 13_zpsrn08bpzz.jpg

 photo Halloween decorations 14_zpseonaflrj.jpg

I added black striped ribbon to the candles. Rather than purchase coloured candles I often just add ribbon for each occasion, for example red gingham at Christmas.

 photo Halloween decorations 15_zpszdyuqwrm.jpg

The stuffed toy collection also yielded an owl ...

 photo Halloween decorations 16_zpsbhhnem6m.jpg

... and a couple of snakes.

 photo Halloween decorations 17_zps7gazvxpz.jpg

Even my sewing machine got spooky features.

 photo Halloween decorations 22_zpsbzfgt7ft.jpg

I laid a black scarf on the coffee table.

 photo Halloween decorations 27_zpsoelggzur.jpg

This bowl of mandarins served as snack and decoration once I added Jack-o-lantern faces with permanent markers.

 photo Halloween decorations 28_zpsixjv2kv0.jpg

We have black sand on our beaches and I happened to have some in a bucket so I added it to votive holders, popping tealights on top.

 photo Halloween decorations 29_zpsbjkyxjod.jpg

I also used a candle that I had, crossing out Dream and writing Nightmare with a chalk marker. I loved that the glass container fit in with my colour scheme of black / white / purple / orange / green.

 photo Halloween decorations 30_zpsxpop6xly.jpg

I also added a bunch of candles to the hearth.

 photo Halloween decorations 31_zpsm1np77lj.jpg

We have a bunch of these green buckets so I painted one and placed it beside the door.

 photo Halloween decorations 23_zpsx08ra0cy.jpg

It doubled as a quick costume for Noah!

 photo Halloween decorations 24_zpsn10r154b.jpg

I wore a black dress, black necklace, orange belt, and did witchy green makeup.

 photo Halloween decorations 25_zpsltidytui.jpg

 photo Halloween decorations 26_zpshvpqv88b.jpg

Moving onto food and drink. I spread my black photography backdrop on the table and added a purple pashmina as a runner.

 photo Halloween decorations 32_zpsiopwatxs.jpg

I had black and white polka dot serviettes, and orange plates.

 photo Halloween decorations 43_zpsr7gxwque.jpg

Orange drink was served in the drinks dispenser with black paper Jack-o-lantern features.

 photo Halloween decorations 20_zpsh2sin3wx.jpg

 photo Halloween decorations 19_zps1ogkatfp.jpg

The jug of water had sliced oranges rather than the typical lemons, and I bought black plastic cups.

 photo Halloween decorations 21_zpsiqfmofks.jpg

Now for the food.

 photo Halloween decorations 33_zpssqarl54i.jpg

These hot dogs were cut to look like fingers but then Grant put them on to heat in hot water and went outside to BBQ the burgers without telling me, so they overcooked! The irony? The picture of finger hot dogs posted on Facebook is what inspired the whole party.

 photo Halloween decorations 34_zpsdt70j5ro.jpg

Of course with hot dogs you have to have ketchup and mustard ... or rather, dragon's blood and pus.

 photo Halloween decorations 18_zpsbuspp2rr.jpg

We also had burgers with tomato, cheese, iceberg lettuce, and onions.

 photo Halloween decorations 35_zpstmrghd0f.jpg

I made deviled eggs, adding food colouring to make the yolks orange, and scoring them with a knife. The addition of a little piece of rosemary turns them into pumpkins (thanks, Pinterest).

 photo Halloween decorations 36_zpsvlnx6gae.jpg

I made pumpkin soup so I'd have something to eat.

 photo Halloween decorations 37_zpsbjebbtki.jpg

For dessert we had severed finger biscuits (recipe here).

 photo Halloween decorations 38_zpsm8lsxjro.jpg

Noah couldn't eat jelly worms, he was too grossed out! Instructions here.

 photo Halloween decorations 40_zpsqcnxz3ap.jpg

I made regular and mini chocolate cupcakes and topped them with easy royal icing decorations that I'd made in the shapes of bones, ghosts, and a skull.

 photo Halloween decorations 39_zpsrpam8mln.jpg

 photo Halloween decorations 41_zps1phft8y6.jpg

 photo Halloween decorations 42_zps6p07uh1o.jpg

I hope you enjoyed this peek at our festive fun! I'm so glad I was spontaneous and decided to entertain, we always have a good time with our friends and should really do it more often.

Here is a video where you can see more of the decorations and my makeup.

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  1. Absolutely brilliant Jen, so creative. Had a little gulp moment when I spotted your house photo above your sewing machine. xx

    1. It's taken me this long to be able to even look at photos from England :(
      Miss you so much!

  2. Too cute! Oh my goodness, it all looks fabulous! I'm several vlog episodes behind (ah!) but I hope to catch up ASAP! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you! Happy viewing :)

  3. Jen, you are so creative!!!! Great job!!

  4. Just wonderful! I think your worms turned out better than the Instructables!

    1. Thank you! I ended up throwing some out as nobody would eat them, ha ha!


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