4 December 2015

Daniel's room makeover

I finished decorating another room!Well, I thought I had, but now Daniel wants a shelf, which I have plans to make. Will post an update once that's done. But in the meantime, here are the photos I took a while ago that I'm finally getting around to sharing.

First, here is what the room looked like before:

 photo dan room 02_zpsrrxecnvo.jpg

 photo dan room 03_zps5wqhdtzp.jpg

 photo dan room 04_zpszwpbmmkc.jpg

 photo dan room 05_zpsuefhogxy.jpg

 photo dan room 06_zps6koyxvug.jpg

I painted all of the wood trim and the walls, updated his bedding, bought and installed a curtain rod and new curtains, and added some accessories and artwork.

  photo Daniel room 01_zpshnhvztvj.jpg

 photo Daniel room 02_zpsqnd9foak.jpg

 photo Daniel room 03_zpsvtdvlcvm.jpg

 photo Daniel room 04_zpspyttlydg.jpg

 photo Daniel room 06_zpswd8x00ct.jpg

I made the wire grid frame. The weird thing above it is an Adam syringe, it is a prop from a video game (Bioshock, I think) that Daniel made.

 photo Daniel room 07_zpseqhnygkj.jpg

  photo Daniel room 08_zpsc18dim1y.jpg

 photo Daniel room 09_zpsf0l35aph.jpg

I made this Team Fortress sign (tutorial coming soon).

 photo Daniel room 10_zpsrj1cpwfs.jpg

 photo Daniel room 00_zpspezirh0g.jpg

 photo Daniel room 05_zpsopgmqdbj.jpg

Here is a video reveal of the room in case you fancy it.

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