23 December 2015

Update a lampshade with paint

I though I would share this tip with you. When decorating Daniel's room recently I realised that the beige lampshade just wasn't going to cut it.

 photo painted lampshade 01_zpskrtcrtw6.jpg

Rather than buy a new one, I simply painted the old one! I mixed some acrylic paint until it was the right shade, then watered it down slightly. Then I just painted it right onto the lampshade and let it dry.

 photo painted lampshade 02_zpsdk5nabcw.jpg

 photo painted lampshade 03_zps0tkrnrgx.jpg

Voila, a whole new look!

 photo painted lampshade 04_zps0no91g69.jpg

 photo painted lampshade 00_zpsrlndybiz.jpg

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  1. That is such a good idea! Don't laugh . . . I though the paint colour was 'Magnesium'! Duh!!

  2. I won't laugh! I save supplement containers as they are perfect for mixing small batches of paint in.


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