3 December 2015

Violet's quilt

I finished another quilt! This one is a small one for a baby, my friend Jess's newborn, Violet. The quilt measures 99x94cm (39x37 inches).

 photo violet quilt 01_zpsbtl6sn5y.jpg

 photo violet quilt 03_zpslrtwnvvr.jpg

 photo violet quilt 02_zpsndkh1uav.jpg

This is a more accurate shot of the back, and also shows the quilting.

 photo violet quilt 04_zpsfuifn2yq.jpg

Here is Miss Violet on her new quilt :)

 photo violet quilt 05_zps6gsctlly.jpg

 photo violet quilt 06_zpsrkusuvpu.jpg

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  1. beautiful quilt for an adorable baby


  2. Perfect quilt for a precious baby.


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