28 February 2016

In the garden

I have always longed for a garden in which I can wander and find many things to photograph, and I'm thrilled to finally have one! And there is still so much more I want to do in our garden, so the bounty will only increase.

Although it's still late summer it's starting to look a little autumnal in parts of the garden, particularly under the apple trees where the windfall apples create a hazard, as you skid over them like a cartoon character on marbles.

The other day I raked up the windfall apples. It was quite satisfying work, as it turned out, with the visual delight of autumnal colours, curled brown leaves, and the round glossy globes of the apples. Unlike leaves they were fairly cooperative too. A flick of the rake and they trot along obediently to where you want them. Be sure not to flick too hard, however, or they skid merrily past your growing pile and you’ll have to round them up all over again.

What did I do with the piles of unripe little fruit? Well, some began my compost heap, interspersed with plenty of leafy brown waste. The rest went into the base of my beautiful new raised bed that I made, before being buried by soil. But that's another post for another day ;)

in the garden 01

in the garden 02

in the garden 03

in the garden 04

in the garden 05

in the garden 06

in the garden 07

in the garden 08

in the garden 09

in the garden 10

in the garden 11

in the garden 12

in the garden 13

in the garden 14

in the garden 15

in the garden 16

in the garden 17

in the garden 18

in the garden 19

in the garden 20

in the garden 21

in the garden 22

in the garden 23

in the garden 24

in the garden 25

in the garden 26

in the garden 27

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  1. I love this pictures! Flowers, butterfly, flowers, tomato, tree circles, & fruit. That you for sharing. The photography is gorgeous. Seeing photos of other yards, gardens, & almost anything they decide to photograph.

  2. What beautiful photos and gosh our apples are the same ... falling to the ground untouched *gggrrrr it breaks my heart to see fruit rotting but we literally can't keep up

  3. Very beautiful Jen! The garden is so soothing. You pictures have captured the feel perfectly. We are just coming into spring, which I dearly love, but now you've made me long for the beginning of autumn with the crisp cool nights and sunny warm days.


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