22 April 2016

New Plymouth bike park

 photo bike park 01_zps1wdnvy5x.jpg

 photo bike park 02_zps6oyrsvnz.jpg

 photo bike park 03_zpsmocf4naa.jpg

 photo bike park 04_zpsciix2i5k.jpg

 photo bike park 05_zps8hnrdxtq.jpg

 photo bike park 06_zpsvv3ds1r8.jpg

 photo bike park 07_zpskzhibtmm.jpg

 photo bike park 08_zps9ukqctuv.jpg

 photo bike park 09_zpswjnhohfl.jpg

 photo bike park 10_zpse3erlizi.jpg

This was a great bike park. It has four sections:

1) a road section with proper road markings, speed bumps, pedestrian crossings, traffic lights, a roundabout, and stop / give way signs;

2) a toddler section with a rubberised floor for little ones to learn to ride their bikes;

3) an obstacle course with a bridge, narrow beam to ride on, posts to weave between, and a see-saw that you cycle over;

3) and a dirt section for BMX style riding.

Noah, of course, was in heaven! Daniel stayed at home with a friend who was visiting, hence the lack of photos of him.

If you want to see more of the bike park you can do so in this vlog.

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