29 June 2016

Fresh Jams

I'm hosting a South African dinner on Saturday night so of course I had to theme my nails! This is Jamberry Trushine gel polish in Crushing on Coral with Spot On transparent wraps on pinkies and pointer fingers, and Zebra wraps in between.

 photo SA jamicure_zpshe43albx.jpg

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  1. Super cute nails.


  2. The menu looks so yummy delish (as seen on you tube) ... and the jams oh the jams ....

  3. Cute Jamicure! Very curious about the gel polish. Any chance you will do a vlog review on it with tips and such? Also, I am having trouble fitting my cuticle area and wondering if you recommend making a nail template? I only get ripples at two of my tips but on many of the moon-shaped parts of the cuticles. Am GOING to master this!

    1. Great questions! The gel polish is quite different to the off-brand ones I am used to using, but if you let me know what questions you have about it I will try to answer them.

      As for rippling, I was getting little ripples on the sides of some of my nails and for my most recent manicure I tried heating the wrap just a little bit, to make it pliable, then applying and doing the heat and press 123 method, as shown in my video. So kind of a combination of both methods, and I had no wrinkling.

      You can heat up a metal tweezer and use it as an iron to iron out wrinkles. Also be sure to remove all of your invisible cuticle before applying your wraps as they can cause problems.


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