5 June 2016

Latest Blurb book offer

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

I almost forgot that it's Father's Day in two weeks' time for our dads! (Here in NZ Father's Day is in September so that's when we'll celebrate Grant.) But if Father's Day looms for you, why not consider getting the awesome dad in your life a Blurb book? They are great customisable gifts AND I have a fabulous discount code for you. Get 35% off Blurb photo books with code DADSGRADS35U

Or, you know, get your own photo book that you've been working on, and buy Dad something else. Either way! Enjoy the discount ;) Personally I am STILL working on my 2015 photo book. Not that it is a long and involved process, just that I haven't had time. Yes it is quick and simple, but you still need to actually sit down and do it, it's not going to do itself. Once I finish it I solemnly swear to start building my 2016 book and work on it throughout the year (like I normally do!) so that at year's end I can just hit order.

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