4 July 2016

Latest Blurb book offer

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It's July 4th today, which means fireworks and fun for my American friends! Have you ever considered putting your favourite family recipes together in a book? Your traditional Independence Day fare would be a perfect place to start, and if you can compile your book quickly I have a deal for you to snap up: 40% off your book! It doesn't have to be a recipe book, it's any book you like.

"Go All Out" with the July 4th Sale at Blurb - 40% off

This offer is valid until July 6th, so hurry!!

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  1. What a clever idea, Jen! I don't have any of my recipes ready for publishing but this is so smart that I will get started on it. Thank you! No fireworks and fun where I live, the fireworks are illegal and it is no fun to go hassle with too many people to watch the little city-ordained fireworks display. Better to have a quiet day, fly our flag and have a few nice barbecue foods. Both hubs and I are descendants of American Revolution patriots so we fly our flag proudly and remember their sacrifices.

  2. Jen, I know that this coupon code is already expired but would you happen to know if these codes are valid internationally? I'm from Germany and I'm starting to think about making one of these books for my aunts for christmas. If these codes are valid here I could use them as soon as I have finished my book.

    1. They are for anyone in the world to use! I will be posting more, so check back when your book is complete.


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