22 March 2017

Garden progress - part 2: the courtyard garden

Around the side of the guest house was an old, rickety lean-to, wrapped in slimy plastic, with a pile of junk in front of it.

 photo courtyard garden 01_zps27seokye.jpg

Inside was more junk, a wooden structure with a toilet in (!), and piles of gross old carpets. We cleared it out, removing two thirds of the lean-to (on the right) and leaving one third which would become my future greenhouse (on the left). The guest house extension was placed on the right - you can see how the concrete pad is framed out, ready for pouring. The green wrapped thing is the toilet, which would later be removed.

 photo courtyard garden 02_zpsrbmzwmdo.jpg

By winter last year the extension was complete and the space for my greenhouse was sketched out, leaving a little space between the two that I decided would become a little garden. I call it the courtyard garden. But of course at that stage it looked nothing like a garden yet!

 photo courtyard garden 03_zpsqxykiq2l.jpg

 photo courtyard garden 04_zpszihv3011.jpg

When spring rolled around I set about clearing it and began planning the little garden I'd plant.

 photo courtyard garden 05_zpsxrqnt9yp.jpg

 photo courtyard garden 06_zpslh8djsfi.jpg

(Oh look, greehouse progress! But that's another post...) I laid a little path of log slices, installed some penstemon and foxgloves plants that I'd bought, and planted out the seedlings I'd grown from seed: carnation, calendula, pansies, alyssum, cosmos, poppies, dahlias, teddy bear sunflowers, marigolds, and more.

 photo courtyard garden 07_zpst73wpwgx.jpg

So exciting to see them grow!

 photo courtyard garden 11_zpsn52jkihi.jpg

In only a few short weeks the plants had grown so much and there were flowers everywhere! I also made a sturdy bench from a railway sleeper.

 photo courtyard garden 08_zpsril9hcuc.jpg

This is how the courtyard garden looked at the end of summer. Such a pretty little nook, and a beautiful view from inside the guest house - and a long way from where we started!!

 photo courtyard garden 09_zpsnhwqji3e.jpg

 photo courtyard garden 10_zpswwkx3wtz.jpg

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