14 June 2018

Ways to eliminate stress from your life

We all lead busy, hectic lives. So, it’s no wonder that our stress levels are usually set to high. We might be able to escape for a couple of weeks a year with an annual holiday – but even that isn’t always stress free, and the main source of our stress is usually waiting for us back home!

Stress and anxiety doesn’t have to be a major part of everyday life. So, to help, we’ve come up with some helpful ways you can reduce stress, take a step back and get into life’s normal rhythm once more.

Surround yourself with greenery 
Do you have a garden? Getting out into nature is an effective and natural stress reliever. If your garden is more of a concrete yard then don’t worry, you could buy shrubs & hedges from The Tree Center or spruce up your balcony with some large flower pots overflowing with beautiful blooms.

Studies have shown that heading outdoors and surrounding yourself with nature lowers your blood pressure, calms your heart rate and helps you breathe easier. The sounds and sights of nature alone are enough to distract you from overpowering stress. Go on, take a walk.

Listen to music 
It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed by a stressful situation, a tight deadline or something you’re dreading fast approaching on your calendar. Take a step back and remove yourself, give your self a break and put on some music. You could listen to some specifically calming music, which is aimed at reducing stress – something classical, spa like, or you could even try some whale music! Alternatively, you could listen to a favourite playlist and loose yourself for a few moments in the sounds and lyrics that you love.

Having a close friend or a family member is like finding a light switch in a dark room. Once you switch it on, you can see and feel things much more clearly. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed, simply take a break – pick up your phone and talk to someone you know and love. They’ll understand and be pleased that you’ve shared your problems with them. The calming, reassuring voice of someone you love will help – and if they can make you smile, even better.

Your diet 
You’ll be surprised at how closely linked stress levels and diet really are. Think about it; when we’re stressed, we don’t usually eat right – or eat at all – and we’ll probably reach out for something quick, fatty and full of sugar for a boost of energy, or to make us feel better. This usually means that we crash out a few hours later, feel lethargic and the circle of bad diet and stress begins again.

It’s not always doable but try to plan ahead – especially if you have big deadlines coming up. Make sure your fridge or lunch bag is filled with lots of colourful fruit and veggies. Try to eat snacks and meals that are a good balance of all the main food groups. You can always reward yourself, later!

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