5 January 2019

5 Tips to Choosing Dining Room Chairs to Fit a Contemporary Decor

Most dining areas are in full view of their respective living areas, so it’s crucial to make yours look good. It is recommended that you choose a table for this space first before considering chairs. This sets the style and tone of the dining area and allows you to choose chairs that will match your contemporary décor properly.

However, the hardest part of it all comes after purchasing a dining table. This is because there are so many choices of chairs to select from. Here are some tips that can help you choose the right seats for your modern dining space.

1. Consider Your Space 
Your dining space determines the shape and size of the table you’ll choose and the kind of chairs that can go with it. Positioning tables at the center of rooms require the provision of some allowance for cozy movement around them. Bear in mind the amount of space the chairs you’re going to choose can take up when you pull them out. More importantly, ensure that you choose chairs with seats that can easily fit under your dining table so they won’t occupy extra space when you’re not using them. If your room is smaller, then go for streamlined and armless options.

2. Design 
All your contemporary dining chairs should speak the language of your table. Those with sharp, clean profiles tend to complement square and rectangular tables well. Similarly, chairs with soft and rounded contours match round and oval options. It is best that your dining chairs and table have a common element in order to look good together. This could be the finish color undertone, the period, or the formality level. For more information, visit gomodern.co.uk website.

3. Add an Old Look to Your Modern Feel 
In contemporary settings, one of the strongest décor staples is a taste for something vintage. A good example of how a glimpse of the past can become a very interesting design in a modern dining room is the integration of Cherner chairs. Keep your space from becoming boring in the near future by using a unique style.

4. Comfort 
If you’re not careful, your quest for a modern look can get you some really uncomfortable dining chair. Before you buy a chair, sit in it for at least five minutes to feel it. Ensure the backrest is good. If the chair has arms, make sure that it can allow your diners to get close enough to your table and dine comfortably.

5. Function 
Just like with comfort, there’s no point in purchasing great, trendy looking dining chairs that aren’t functionally compatible with your table. It’s best for chairs at each end of rectangular or oval dining tables to slide under without bumping into the tables’ legs or the pedestal bases. This also applies to chairs that you use with your round or square table.

Choosing the right chairs for your contemporary dining area involves a lot of careful planning. First, you must ensure that they can fit within your space. Then, make sure that the chairs look good together. Also, you need to consider how functional and comfortable your diners should be.

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