15 February 2019

Pros and Cons of Setting an AC system when having a newborn at Home

When a newborn finally comes home from the hospital, there are a number of things which would have to be considered closely. Chief among them would be the amount of temperature coolness which would be just right for the newborn. The question of using the air conditioners (AC) around your newborn would be sure to come up. When it comes to newborns and air conditioners, there are a number of factors which you would have to consider. Getting these factors right would be the key to ensuring that the use of AC systems is just gotten right.

Factors to Consider Before Setting an AC System when Having a Newborn 

Air Vents 
Before getting an air conditioner, you would have to ensure that you have air vents. Air vents prevent the direct flow of air into your baby's face. It is always recommended to prevent the direct contact of the face of your newborn with air conditioning. To be able to use the air conditioner properly without harming your newborn, you should ensure that you have air vents installed in your home.

Obviously, the temperature of the environment matters a lot when using the air conditioner. It would be a terrible choice to use the air conditioners while taking care of a newborn in an extremely cold environment. Infants are very prone to fluctuating temperature. Therefore, using an air conditioner for a temperature that is really low would be detrimental to your child's health. You can ensure this is not a problem by always keeping in mind the acceptable temperature of a newborn. If a temperature should change, you should ensure that the changes should be kept to 10 degrees Celsius.

You should also consider the ventilation of your room. The ventilation of your home would determine many things such as the coolness of your room or how stuffy it would become. Usually, turning off the air conditioner before you settle in for the night would be the best action you can make as a parent.

Another factor you would need to take in is your location. Your location would mostly determine several factors including the temperature. Thus, while installing your air conditioners, you would need to take this into consideration. For example, if you live in Las Vegas, you would need to contact the Las Vegas Local Air conditioning contractor. For installation, repair or in case of any problems or issues that can disturb you, that company will provide Air Conditioning repair in Las Vegas quickly. This would ensure that you have your air conditioner ready for use and safe for your baby.


1. Stable Temperature: the air conditioner can help to keep a stable temperature in the room. This it does by ensuring that the temperature which enters the house is the same.

2. Heat stress: newborn is very vulnerable to changes in the temperature. Thus, heat stress is a problem which is peculiar to newborns. Without the necessary cooling temperature, infants would be facing untold issues with illnesses that are related to heat. In the worst cases scenario, this illness could even lead to death.

3. Sleep: using the air conditioners to achieve a cool temperature can also aid your newborn to sleep peacefully and longer during the night.


1. Extreme cold: if the temperature and the use of the air conditioner are not properly managed and regulated, then the room can get too cold. As babies are unable to regulate their temperature, this could lead to a lot of complications, even death.

2. Hypothermia: this is an illness which is caused by regular use of air conditioning. Thus, with the continuous use of the air conditioner for hours, your newborn is at greater risk.

3. Germs: if the air vents and filters of the air conditioner are not managed and cleaned clearly, it would expose the baby to germs.

A newborn baby is a crucial phase in anyone's lives. The baby needs to be treated just right for them to have a healthy life during infancy and adulthood. Therefore, the necessary precaution when dealing with air conditioner would be a step in the right direction. It could make a vital difference in raising your infant both now and in the future.

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