12 March 2019

Finishing Options for Your Garage Floor

Did you finally get the go-ahead to turn your garage into the ultimate home workshop? Do you already have everything mapped out and know where each of your new tools is going to be housed? If you have gotten that far, then you have likely considered your options for finishing your garage floor. Are you going with paint, tiles, mats or an epoxy finish? Don’t know? Then maybe it’s time to weigh the pros and cons.

While there are many potential garage floor coating Chicago, paint is by far the most affordable option. You can go with standard outdoor paint, but it will not provide a significant amount of protection. However, you can choose an enamel-based paint that will not only protect against spills, but it will also provide some level of durability and resilience to drops.

Snap Together Tiles 
At the other end of the spectrum are garage floor tiles. These tiles are usually snap together for easy installation and made of durable materials. However, most of these tiles are vented, meaning that spills will seep through them and onto the floor. If this is not a concern, then tiles are an excellent and durable solution to your finishing needs.

Rollout Mats 
Rollout mats, like tile, are durable, and they have the added benefit of reducing fatigue. However, similar to tiles, they do not control spills very well. While mats protect against spills and stains on their surface, if a spill occurs at the edge of the mat, then it will spill onto your concrete floor and possibly stain the surface. Mats are better suited for limited and temporary workspace areas, where the ability to be rolled up and moved out of the way is a benefit.

Epoxy floors offer the best of all possible solutions. This surface option covers the entire floor like paint but provides a durable and hard shell-like cover like tile. However, epoxy, because it is a floor coating, does not allow spills to penetrate or stain the concrete surface. Epoxy is a durable floor coating that also protects the integrity of your concrete slab thereby contributing to its longevity.

Choosing a garage coating or covering is a personal decision that should be based on the type of work you will be doing in your garage. If your garage is a dedicated workshop, then epoxy may be the best option. However, if it is a combination room used for storage, parking and work, then floor mats may be best. Weigh your options and find the right solution for your needs.

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