8 April 2019

4 Tips to keeping mosquitos at bay

Mosquitoes are usually annoying every time you try to get a good night of sleep or you are just enjoying the quiet night. Even though they play an important role in the ecosystem, they are not that friendly to your ears and skin.

Some of these mosquitoes also pose a health threat to everyone they bite. Therefore, even if you are one of the few people who doesn’t consider the bites and buzzing as irritating, just try to keep away from them.

Here are a few tips concerning mosquito pest control to help you get rid of the menacing presence of mosquitoes:

1. Using Bug Sprays 
Bug sprays are popular Aerosol sprays that can keep away a wide variety of bugs. Most of the bug sprays are made specifically to limit the number of bugs around you by creating a very uncomfortable environment for them.

This is much more preferable as compared to killing them with traditional methods. The mosquitoes will fly away as soon as the spray hits the air. You now get to enjoy a serene picnic without harming a thing.

These sprays are best for use outdoors, hence seeking indoor alternatives is advisable if the mosquitoes are indoor problems.

2. Using Door Screens 
 If the mosquitoes are annoying you indoors, getting a door screen can be a great alternative for you. There are specialized door screens that can control the entry of mosquitoes into your home.

Door Screens are very reliable when you live in a home where the door is opened almost half the day every day… either for some ventilation or just to let some light in. Some of these door screens have some chemicals that can kill mosquitoes instantly. This definitely eliminates the chances of the mosquitoes finding another spot to squeeze in through.

The downside is that the screens may not be so reliable if you already have a bunch of the mosquitoes inside.

3. Using Bug Zapper Light Bulb 
 This is one of the most effective ways to control indoor mosquito infestation. Bug killing light bulbs use electricity to kill mosquitoes and other bugs that get attracted to the light. They are usually developed colored LEDs, so you should always check the color before purchasing the products. You might end up with a color that annoys you more than the mosquitoes.

The upside of using these products to control mosquito infestation is that they are more eco-friendly than the alternatives. They consume less electricity than traditional lighting and do not use any harmful chemicals.

4. Calling Pest Control 
 No matter how simple something may seem, it is sometimes advisable to seek help from professional help. Pest control services are convenient in large scale infestations of mosquitoes. People living in swampy areas may find it difficult to control mosquitoes around the area. This is because swamps are their favorite breeding grounds.

You may even end up saving up a lot of money if you consult pest control as a community rather than one person. The problem will be eradicated throughout the area, hence you won’t be expecting an infestation any time soon.

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