11 April 2019

5 Tips to Finding an Affordable Gazebo

Gazebos are small, open pavilion structures erected especially in the gardens. They offer a wide view of the surrounding area. They give some shelter from the sun and rain and are a good place to relax in when outdoors. Gazebos are usually constructed on-site, but you can find some that have been pre-built. It is mostly cheaper to buy a pre-built gazebo than to build one. On average, building a gazebo can cost about $3500 to $9500 while having a pre-built one ranges from $1500 to $7000. The affordability of a gazebo will depend on certain factors like quality and size. Here are some tips to guide you in finding an affordable gazebo.

1) Cost 
When looking for a gazebo structure, it is important not to strain your budget. High-end sellers may tend to tag extravagant prices to such recreational structures. Always look for cheaper options, but still do not compromise on quality and durability. To find the best cheap gazebo, do some online research and find a structure that matches your budget. Also, factor in the transportation costs from the shop to the place of use.

2) Design 
Unique designs give a visual appeal to gazebos. Many gazebos are customized to create an aesthetic appeal to the users. There are many architectural designs to choose from like Modern, Country-style, rustic-themed, traditional Victorian, straight-lined and ones with Craftsman details. Sleeker designs will have walkways lined with plants and flowers. The design also entails the number of sides your gazebo will have. Most are hexagons and octagons. Affordable gazebos do not have designs that are too sophisticated, but they still provide a unique ambiance. A country-style design, for example, creates a sense of nostalgia.

3) Location 
The intended location of your gazebo will determine the type of gazebo you will buy. Ideally, a gazebo is designed in a way that it provides a comprehensive general view of the respective area. The chosen area should be flat to ensure that the gazebo is stable and distant from other structures that may block the view of the area.

4) Material 
Gazebos are designed using different structures ranging from wood, vinyl materials and sometimes stone. Vinyl gazebos are widely preferred because of their reduced maintenance than their wooden counterparts. Gazebos may or may not come with their flooring materials. The flooring option you choose should be durable and easy to install. Make sure your surface is flat and clean before laying any floor type in your gazebo. WPC flooring is a pocket-friendly option to use for your gazebo.

5) Purpose 
Gazebos can serve various purposes. They could be used for social gatherings and entertainment, for aesthetic purposes, or used to instill a place of solitude close to nature. Gazebos that are proposed for social meetings have to be big enough to shelter the main guests or performing bands. The purpose will determine the size of the gazebo you want to buy. If you are not sure of the ideal size, you can ask a friend who has a gazebo for advice. Bigger gazebos will cost more; therefore ensure that you will be financially flexible.

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