25 October 2019

Why You Should Consider Custom Furniture

Moving into a new home or redesigning the one you already live in is exciting. Furniture shopping often is not. Between trying to find something that the entire family finds comfortable, searching for a color that fits your interior decor, trying to stick to your budget, and so on, the process can take quite a while. Of course, if you want something perfect for your home's new look without needing to do all the legwork, you might consider custom furniture such as that available from Joybird Furniture.

It is More Afordable than You Realise 
Many people automatically take custom furniture off the table because they assume it costs too much. The reality is that even if the initial cost is higher, the furniture often lasts longer. Moreover, because you custom-designed it, you're less likely to get tired of it and want to buy new furniture a year later. Most of the time, custom furniture is also better made, so it won't wear out and need repairs as quickly as traditional furniture. Even better, many places that make and sell custom furniture also provide payment plans that are on par with the ones you'd receive from a regular furniture store.

It Offers Better Functionality
You only have so many options when you buy traditional furniture. The sizes, materials, and overall style are often standard and only come in neutral shades. When you buy custom furniture like the items available at Joybird, you get better functionality. Maybe you have a small living area and need something that is bigger than a loveseat but not quite as big as a regular sofa. Perhaps you have five dogs and need room for all of them plus your spouse and kids on the bed. You can create furniture that not only meets your size requirements but is available in materials and colors you love. It's about more than size, though. Whether you want a traditional sofa, a sectional, or something in-between, custom furniture allows you to adapt to other functionality issues as well. It can fit rooms with strange angles or low windows, be made for extra-tall people, and so on.

It Provides Your Home with Something Unique
You've seen the meme about the ugly couch that everybody owned in the 1970s and '80s. If you didn't grow up with that in your living room, you knew somebody who did. Custom furniture means your home won't become the butt of a meme in a few decades. You'll have a piece that is unique only to you and your home. Nobody else in the neighborhood will have it, which means it will be more impressive when you have family or friends over.

It Saves You Time
While it's true that you'll need to wait longer to have your new furniture if you custom build it, the wait will be well worth it. Even better, since you won't need to spend hours or even days going back and forth to local (or not so local) furniture stores, you'll be saving lots of time. Instead of furniture shopping, you can catch up on other chores, spend time with family, practice self-care, or just sleep in a little longer on the weekends.

It Lets You Get Creative
Furniture sets in brick-and-mortar stores are all one color, all one texture, and offer no insight into your personality most of the time. If you want your style to shine, custom furniture lets you do it. Choose a bright red, faux leather chair and match it with a royal blue or dandelion yellow sofa. Go bold, pastel, black, patterned, or nearly anything else you can imagine.The hardest part of getting custom furniture is deciding which colors work best in your rooms. Even so, choosing furniture while you're wearing pajamas at home is much more relaxing than rushing from store to store on your one day off this week!

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