26 November 2019

4 Romantic Date Night Ideas for Winter

As the year shifts towards its colder months, coming up with interesting ideas for date nights can become more difficult. There are plenty of fun and romantic activities you can engage in with your partner even with chilly weather abound. To get some inspiration for what you should do on your next date night, take a glance at the ideas listed in this article.

Plan a Board Game Night
When you’re in the mood for something warm and cozy, consider scheduling a board game night with your partner. There are plenty of board games that offer a 2-player experience for a more intimate date night in addition to those who cater to larger groups of players. You can aim for popular classics or embrace a more intense experience, such as a strategy game like the Rise of Tribes board game. To mix things up, look into local board game cafes that offer a wide array of games you can choose from alongside food, drink and company. You can also form your own collection of board games at home so you can host game nights with your partner and friends.

Participate in an Epic Snowball Fight
Take advantage of the season and challenge your partner to all-out snowball war. You can employ a run and shoot strategy and fire snowballs on the go while taking cover behind various trees or invest in building individual forts for protection. To take things up a notch, consider squaring off against another couple you are both friends with before ending the night with hot chocolate and coffee in front of the fire to help everyone thaw out.

Tour Nearby Holiday Lights
Hop into your car and take your partner on a tour of nearby holiday light displays. Some areas may offer a drive-through holiday light experience for a fee. There also may be nearby neighborhoods with homeowners who pride themselves on extravagant light displays when gearing up for the season. Do a quick search online to find areas that may be of interest before hitting the road. Make sure you bring hot chocolate, coffee or tea in a thermos to complete the experience.

Throw a Cozy Movie Marathon
Settle in for a warm night inside and gather a collection of movies that you can watch with your partner. There are holiday movies you can watch that will get you two in the spirit of the season. You can also select movies that are based in snowy environments to embrace the weather outside. For those who are missing summer, consider gathering a collection of beach-friendly movies that will keep the spirit of hotter seasons alive. To complete the night, make sure you have plenty of movie theater-friendly snacks such as popcorn, candy and pretzels. Go out of your way to offer a wide selection of drinks as well.

There are plenty of opportunities for love even during the colder months. By using the suggestions listed above, you can take advantage of the cold weather and enjoy a fun and romantic date with your partner.

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