4 December 2019

How To Host a Successful Holiday Cocktail Party

The holiday season is here and if images of cocktail parties are dancing in your head, it's time to create a party plan. If you use the right formula, the party can flow together easily and be a complete success. Here are a few tips on how to host a successful holiday cocktail party.

1. Plans
Before you do anything else, jot down a list of all the items, decorations, and people you want to include in your party. Whether it is an intimate gathering of 100 people or a massive gala event with 250 friends, the steps are the same. Before you know where you want to party to go, you have to know what limits you are setting. Is there a theme? What about attire? Will you have a hostess at a hostess stand to welcome everyone? Are the guests bringing alcohol to share with others? Will there be music, and where are you holding the event? These are only a few of the hundreds of questions you need to ask yourself before you can even set up the invitations.

2. Invitations
The invitations should include more than just the date and time of the party. Request that attendees RSVP by a certain date. You can include other special information on the invitation as well, such as parking, expected dress, and what to bring (if anything).

3. Caterers
Go with a catering group you know and trust to make your party a success. Meet with the party organizer at least a month before the event to ensure everything is on track. Provide a list of finger foods, a design of the cocktail tables around the room, and where the hostess stand and party greeter will be located.

4. Cocktails 
As the star of the party, you may want your hostess to hand each person a drink as they arrive. Having a table filled with three types of beverages can help your guests feel at home right away as each selects the perfect cocktail the moment they arrive. If you want your guests to mingle, include several small tables around the room with one or two different types of drinks at each table.

Add some finger foods, music, and decorations, and you have the perfect formula for any holiday cocktail party. Don’t forget to add chairs, tables, and glitter to highlight the holidays.

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