8 January 2020

3 Tips For Improving Your Golf Game

No matter how good you are at golf, you would probably like to be better. Here are three ways you can improve your game.

Use the Right Size Putter 
A "Golf Digest" study found that two-thirds of golfers do not fit a standard sized putter. The best-sized putter for each golfer depends on factors such as height, the angle of the golfer's spine when bending over the ball, the distance between the golfer's palms and the ground, and the bend of the golfer's elbows. Having to compensate for a putter that is not the right size for your physique and putting style can lead to poorer or more inconsistent results. You can check the fit of a putter by getting into a correct address position and checking your grip. If you are gripping down the shaft, then you may need a shorter putter. If you are gripping beyond the end of the putter, you may need a longer putter. Some pro shops use the data from a golf launch monitor to help select the right fit.

Putt More Often 
Many golfers make the mistake of focusing the majority of their practice time on the range. Even golfers with great drives can benefit from improving their short game and golfers who lack the strength and flexibility to hit longer drives can compensate by improving their putting. Developing a good putting routine and increasing the amount of time spent practicing putting from six feet and it may improve your results.

Practice Better 
Studies have found that it is often better to practice something for 5-10 minutes every day than to do one long session every week. This can help keep your game fresh and prevent your skills from getting rusty. It is also important to specifically focus on getting better every time you practice a skill. Whacking the ball around without deliberately focusing on what you are trying to improve usually won't result in much improvement. Tailor your practice sessions to your unique needs. Focus on the skills you need to improve, rather than following a generic routine. Try to push yourself just beyond your current abilities. If you push too hard, you may get frustrated and not progress, but if you don't push at all, you probably won't improve either. Seek feedback on your practice. A teacher can be helpful. Tools such as a golf launch monitor can also be helpful.

Wherever you are on your golf journey, incorporating these three tips may help you improve your game. Your golf teacher or pro-shop may be able to assist you with these changes.

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