30 June 2020

5 International Home Buying Tips

If you are considering purchasing a home overseas, you may not be sure how to get started on the process. These five tips can help you with your international home search.

1. Investigate Financing Options
Your financing options will vary depending on what part of the world you are interested in purchasing a home in. In some places, you may need to pay cash. In others, you may be able to get financing from a local or international bank. It is best to investigate your options before you start shopping. This will help you set your budget and avoid wasting your or the seller's time by shopping for a property you will not be able to get financing for.

2. Do Thorough Market Research
Real estate markets tend to fluctuate differently in different regions. To make sure you are getting a fair price and shopping at an opportune time, it is best to research the trends in the area you plan to buy a property. If prices are unusually high and a market correction is expected to occur, it may be best to wait to make your purchase. Otherwise, you could end up overpaying for a home that may drop in value and be difficult to resell.

3. Consult an Attorney
The laws regarding real estate purchase and ownership can vary greatly from one country to another. It is a good idea to consult with an attorney familiar with the laws in the country you are considering purchasing in before you make a purchase. Some countries may place restrictions on non-residents purchasing a property. Additionally, there are likely tax considerations that you will need to be aware of.

4. Investigate the Transportation Options
Not all countries are car-friendly. You will want to find out what the transportation options are and whether they are compatible with your lifestyle.

5. Shop Online While you will eventually want to visit the properties you are most interested in, it is probably not very practical to fly out to see all of them. You can narrow down your search by first shopping for properties online at sites such as Comporta real estate. You can get a lot of information about the properties you are interested in this way. Many sites have extensive photographs of the interior and exterior and some even offer virtual tours.

Shopping for a new home overseas can be an exciting but daunting task. These tips can make the process a little easier.

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