15 July 2020

Summer Lawn Care Tips

Sweltering summer temperatures can turn any beautiful lush green lawn into a dry yellowing eyesore. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make sure your lawn looks as healthy as possible, even during the hottest months of the year. Below are a few things to try out to restore your lawn to its former glory.

Invest in Sprinklers
One reason why grass dries and yellows is because it isn't getting enough water. One of the easiest ways to water your lawn is to invest in a sprinkler system. This is much easier and more efficient than watering your lawn with a hose or watering can. If you are new to all things sprinkler-related, it's best to hire a company, like the Colorado Sprinkler Service, that can install, repair, and otherwise maintain sprinkler systems. This way, all you need to worry about is watching the grass grow.

Mow Often
Having a mowed lawn is key to making sure healthy grass doesn't grow out of control. The more often you mow your lawn, basically no matter what kind of lawn mower you are using, the easier it will be to mow your lawn. The longer a lawn goes without being mowed, the thicker the grass gets. If the grass is too thick, it can mess up the blades of a mower; this can cause the mower to go into disrepair. So, for your best bet, mow your lawn sooner than later.

As another lawn mowing tip, make sure to remove any sticks, rocks or other debris before you get to mowing. Theses small objects can also damage a lawnmower. It's best to do this chore immediately before mowing.

Don't Forget to Rake
Most people only think about raking in the autumn when the leaves begin to fall off the trees. However, it's also important to rake during other seasons. Raking can move dead grass and other debris out of the way. This can help to keep your lawn looking clean and healthy. For the best results, rake after you mow your lawn. If you have a compost bin, put your lawn clippings in. This can help to make for great compost that you can use for gardening.

If you want your lawn to look its very best in the summer months, try out these three simple tips. If you water your lawn, mow it, and rake it even just once a week, you are sure to see an amazing improvement.

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