21 October 2020

Aspects to Consider While Choosing the Right Envelope

Remember those Christmas evenings when you would receive beautiful greeting cards in colourful envelopes, keeping up with the festive spirits. The attractive envelopes were enough to bring a smile to your face. 

Australian Paper recently signed a deal with Trade Envelope to produce 75 million envelopes each year by expanding operations in NSW and Queensland. But still, for an average Aussie, an envelope is something limited to official letters and monthly bills. 

If you wish to purchase good quality envelopes, the best way is to look at the options online. The reputed online craft stores present various card envelopes, enabling you to select that suit your requirements in the best way possible. Here are a few top aspects to consider while choosing the right cover. 


Typically, you would use an envelope to send documents over the post and gift greeting cards to your loved ones. 

Depending on the purpose, you can decide the envelope you wish to purchase. If it's an official requirement, it is best to stick to plain white covers. But for informal purposes, like sending a post to your family and friends, you could go for fancier varieties. 

Online craft stores dedicate an entire page for envelopes, where you can choose the piece that suits your needs. 


When you wish to post important documents, like government certificates or legal documents, you should not fold them. You would require larger covers that perfectly fit your documents. But if you wish to send documents that the other person is ok to receive in folded form, then smaller envelopes will serve the purpose. 

As per Australian standards, a DL size is ideal for DL flyers, A5 paper folded once and A4 paper folded in thirds. Whereas the C6 size is best suited for an A6 paper, A5 paper folded once and A4 paper folded twice. Likewise, there are C3, C4, C5 envelope sizes. 

You can check the dimensions furnished in the description section on the store website and decide the size that fits your paper dimensions and folds. 


The envelope material depends on the type of paper you want to place inside the cover. If the item you wish to cover is thick, you would need an envelope made of a tenacious material. 

Invitation cards are usually thick, and so should be the card envelopes. A thinner cover might make sense for regular paper postal deliveries. You can identify the right envelope material available on the online store portals, which will keep the envelope content secure. 


The diamond flap is the global envelope style, with a classic and traditional feel. It is pointed and meets in the middle. The other flap variation is a straight cut, called the wallet, a modest flap with a contemporary look. 

Renowned online craft superstores have stocks of both flap types. You can choose the flap, depending on the receiver. It is best to use a wallet design for a sophisticated perception if it's a confidential work-related document. 


Occasions like weddings are a grand affair, and a wedding invitation card is no exception. The card cover gives a glimpse of the wedding invitation; it needs to be equally royal. It makes sense to invest in such expensive, shimmering envelopes, on special occasions. Otherwise, you need not worry about your budget unless planning to buy an envelope in wholesale. 

Typically, the online craft stores might not entertain wholesale requests, but you will find envelopes in various price ranges. 


Globally, for all official purposes, the preferred envelope colour has always been classic white. But, the best way to flatter your loved ones’ is to choose their favourite coloured envelopes, showing how well you know them. 

Given the myriad of colour options on the online store websites, you will not be disappointed. 

Review your options on a reputed online craft store to purchase a superior range of envelopes that fit your postal needs and avoid creating a mess for the mail recipient.

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