3 December 2020

5 Fun Family Activities To Enjoy When Camping By a Lake

Camping is an inexpensive way to spend time with those you love out in nature. Getting your kids outdoors for a period of time may instill in them a life-long love for the environment.  Camping is especially fun when you park your RV or pitch the tent next to a lake. Here are five family activities to enjoy from your lakeside campsite.


Grab some fly rods Toronto and a tackle box and teach your children how to cast a line from the shoreline. They will learn the art of patience as they flick the fishing line and wait for a bite. Keep your camera ready so that you can capture the elated looks on their faces when they catch their first fish or two. Maybe you will even reel in a few big ones you can fry up for dinner later.


No matter how large your family is, you can find a boat that accommodates everyone who is up for a boat ride! A pontoon boat holds up to 15 people and motorboats will seat four to eight. Older kids will love bouncing around on a large inner tube attached to the boat or learning to water ski. If your clan craves a more active experience on the water, try kayaking or canoeing. Perhaps hold a series of races to see who in the family is the fastest paddler. 


If your campsite is next to a pristine mountain lake, bring along snorkeling gear so that your children can watch fish and other marine life in their natural habitat. Do a little research on what species reside in the water and create a scavenger hunt game for your kids to find as many as possible in a set time frame.

Rock Skipping

A great activity for younger children is rock skipping. You will have fun together picking out smooth stones of all sizes to use and teaching them all your best techniques for getting a rock to skim over the surface of the water. Kids will also have fun counting the skips and bragging about their achievements.


Stargazing over a lake is an experience no family member will forget. Enjoy s'mores and hot chocolate around the campfire as you gaze at the moonlight reflecting off the surface of the lake and the massive amount of stars visible in the sky. At the right time of year, you may see a streaking meteor or a falling star.

 Try out these five fun family activities the next time you go camping by a lake.

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