1 December 2020

How to Design the Perfect Home Study Space for Pursuing Your Online Nursing Degree

Making the decision to pursue a degree is a big step in securing your future. It can be the first step in achieving your career dreams and will ensure you work in a job that is right for you and your interests. In today’s technology driven world, many students are now choosing to pursue their degree in an online capacity, giving them more flexibility in terms of where they do the bulk of their studying and work. 

For those who are looking to pursue their online Bachelor of Science in nursing, there is no doubt that you are ready to tackle the challenges that wait. You are probably well aware of the fact so many current RNs will be retiring by the year 2030, and this is now the time to break into the field. What this means is that you need a study space in your home that allows you to focus, be productive, and make the very most of your courses so that you’re prepared to enter the healthcare field. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a variety of tips you can use that will help you design the perfect home study space. 

The Space Needs to Be Distraction Free 

The first tip is arguably the most important, and that is to find a spot in the home that is distraction free. Setting up your study space at the kitchen table in the middle of all the action, for example, is not the best plan. You need a place that offers peace and quiet, and won’t have constant interruptions from others in the household, the television, the phone, and so forth. 

Invest in a Comfortable Desk and Chair 

For anyone pursuing the online BSN programs for non-nurses, it’s important to recognize that there will be a lot of work ahead of you. That isn’t meant to be discouraging; rather, it is meant to be realistic. Knowing that you’ll be spending many hours on your computer, you want to be sure you spend the money on a good quality and comfortable desk and chair. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while you shop for a desk: 

• Take careful measurements of the room, or the space you have available. You don’t want to purchase something too big, but you also want to take advantage of all available area in the room. 

• Is there enough room on the desk for your computer/laptop plus space for a notebook and textbook?

• Look for a desk with built-in storage to help keep you organized. 

• What about the look, style, color, and finish of the desk - does it work with the existing décor in the room or the design you are going for? 

Shopping for the ideal desk chair also has its own share of considerations, which are: 

• Look for one that is ergonomic in design so that it’s comfortable for long periods of time. 

• Choose a chair with arm rests for maximum comfort. 

• Does the style match up with the desk you have chosen, and the décor in the room? 

• Be mindful of the flooring in your study space as it will determine if a chair on wheels is appropriate or not. If you don’t have a hard surface floor in your study space, you could pick up a chair mat which makes it possible to have a chair with wheels. 

Step Outside the Box Where Storage is Concerned  

You’re probably used to seeing the typical storage solution, which is a bulky file cabinet that does little to add to the overall décor and design of the room. While a file cabinet is functional, there are other storage options that will still work well and yet help to create a more aesthetically pleasing space. Keep in mind this is still your home, so you don’t want it to look like a cold or bland office space. 

Some of the ideas you may want to consider in the space that will add a touch of design and personality include floating shelves above your desk, using dressers for storage, using vertical shelving with decorative boxes placed on them, or even tucking all your important essentials into a decorative ottoman. What you pick doesn’t have to be traditional in its use; it’s all about using a little creativity. 

Paint and Décor Can Pull the Room Together 

Now, if you are working on a true design in the space, then you also need to give consideration to paint and décor and how it will affect the space. Ideally, you want to stick with a color palette that works with the rest of the house so you have that natural flow, but at the same time, you probably will want to focus on soft and calming colors that will help you to concentrate and focus on your nursing studies. 

Some of the colors that can boost concentration and productiveness include a soft gray, teal or light blue, off-white, various shades of green, a soft purple or a rich berry, and warm brown. 

Once you’ve picked the paint color, you then can move on to décor. Keep in mind that when choosing décor for the office space, you don’t want to go too overboard in matching things. Instead, look for items that complement each other, the space, and the color palette. You will also likely want to keep décor to a minimum so as not to clutter the home office. 

Lighting Will Play an Essential Role 

Finally, we have lighting, which is multi-functional. It will obviously make it possible to study in your office no matter the time of day, but it can also act as décor in the space. A good tip is to combine lighting styles. Ideally, a mix of natural daylight, overhead lighting, and task lighting is best. 

Now that you’ve followed all the steps to creating the perfect home study space, it’s time to get to work on that online nursing degree.

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