18 December 2020

Inspiring ideas for renovating your bedroom

Are you thinking of renovating your bedroom but don’t feel motivated to take the plunge? Does the thought of ripping down old wallpaper, working out the cost to paint a room or trying to assemble flatpack furniture, fill you with dread? Perhaps it’s time to approach the task from a different angle. 

Here’s some inspiring ideas to get your decorating mojo back. 

Create a stand-out headboard 

Headboards are making a bit of a comeback in contemporary bedrooms. And large, bold fabrics are being used to create stand-out headboards that aren’t purely functional. Why not make a real statement by going large with your headboard size? 

Paint an ombre wall 

With the right colors, an ombre wall in a bedroom can create a wonderfully calming effect. Pick two or three similar colors to make it easier to blend the shades. Use a sponge to subtly transform one color into another on your wall. Pastel shades work really well with this type of painting effect, so why not go for some pinks or blues in your bedroom? 

Install wood panelling 

Cottages and historic homes have long had their walls adorned with panelling, but now everyone’s giving it a go. With new techniques and styles, panelling can make a lovely stylish feature in your bedroom. 

Reposition the bed 

How long has your bed been positioned where it is? Maybe it’s time for a switch around. Try moving the bed to a different wall, to make the most of the room’s best features. For example, if you have a nice view from the window, position the bed so you’re facing it. 

Make it decadent 

Why not add a bit of decadence to the room? Think about adding an over-sized chandelier, a velvet chaise lounge, long flowing drapes or a deep-pile rug. Purples, dark blues and dark greens, as well as black, can provide a moody and decadent atmosphere. 

Create a relaxing corner 

Why not create a little area to sit and relax. Somewhere to sip a morning coffee or read a few chapters of a book? All you need is a comfy chair, a little side table and a few decorative bits to finish it off. 

Go for a natural feel 

Bare wood furniture, coupled with clean white linens, can create a light relaxing atmosphere that feels so natural. Clearing away clutter and adding a few plants will add to this minimalist style. 


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