19 January 2021

Easy Ideas for Backyard Fun

There are so many ways to make your backyard a fun and inspiring place to play. Kids thrive when they are physically active so keeping them outdoors as much as possible is important. Creating activity areas for your children to discover can be simple and lead to hours of outdoor play. 

Obstacle Course 

Kids love to climb and explore so creating a backyard obstacle course can be a fantastic way to challenge them physically. You can include cargo nets, balance beams, low ropes obstacles, trampoline mats and stepping stones. Try to include barriers that require different skills such as climbing, balance and coordination. An obstacle course is a fun way to exercise, and your kids won't even know it. 

Construction Zone 

A variety of trucks and a pile of rocks are all you need to create a basic construction zone play area. You can use a plastic pool to contain the rocks and give your youngsters an amazing sensory exploration space. Rocks are not the only thing you may want to use. If your kids need a change, consider using rice, beans, noodles or sand. 

Mud Kitchen 

It's easy to build your own mud kitchen. You can find an old kitchen play set at a garage sale or build a simple one out of wood. Supply the area with plates, cups, bowls and utensils, and your children will be occupied for hours. This sensory play area can get messy so prepare yourself for a lengthy clean-up and bath time after your kids are finished. 


Installing a sandbox in the backyard can encourage youngsters to explore their world through digging, pouring and building. If you want to bring the sand indoors, you can try kinetic sand, which allows kids to have fun in the sand with less mess. 

Art Area 

A fun way to transform a piece of your fencing is to hang a large chalkboard or easel on it. You can keep a rubber bin filled with art supplies so your little ones can create masterpieces every single day. 

Upcycled Music Wall 

Another idea for a section of the fence is to make a music wall. Locate some old pots and pans, rolling pins, cake pans and other household items that make fun noises. Spatulas and spoons can provide perfect drumsticks. 

 Creating your own backyard play spaces doesn't have to be difficult or expensive when you creatively use items you already have in your home.

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