26 January 2021

Factor to consider when buying a senior walker for the elderly

With the increase in the number of older people who need assistance in walking, there is also an increase in products that will help them walk to avoid falling risks. An excellent senior walker is a perfect tool to help them walk safely, steadily, and efficiently. When looking for a walker in the market, it is advisable not to compromise on the quality to avoid an accident. Buy something functional, and that can make life simpler. Here are essential factors you need to keep in mind when looking for a senior walker in the market. 


The stability of a senior walker is the essential factor that one needs to consider before anything else. Ensure that it is made of strong and stable materials that can sustain an older person's weight. This will eliminate any chances of falling of a senior person when using that walking aid. You need to ask for the materials that have been used to make them. Walkers that are made of aircraft-grade aluminum or high-grade materials are usually strong enough and light to allow easy walking. 

Specialized walkers 

A specialized walker is essential to adults who have special conditions or who have suffered from certain neurological diseases like stroke, ataxia, or balance disorder. It is usually recommended for them to do a lot of exercise for their therapy session. A specialized walker is the best recommendation to help them through this journey. 

Weight of the elder 

The best weight measure for a senior walker can handle the user's weight capacity by more than ten percent. It should be strong enough and light in weight. 


For elders who require a lot of movement, the best senior walker should have two wheels. This will aid them to move freely. Those who have walking problems and want to move at a slow pace will need a walker with stationary wheels to avoid swiveling and restrict their movement. For active senior walkers who don't have so many complications, a walker with four wheels is ideal. It is important to ensure that you know an elderly problem and choose a safe walker for them to minimize any risk of falling that may complicate their health further. 


An elder's height has to be considered so that when you choose a walker for them, ensure that you get a model with the right height or features that you can adjust it to the correct size. When an elder uses a walker with the wrong height, it will make them feel uncomfortable and lead to improper posture, which may cause back pains. The ideal walker will be one that allows an elder arm to hang loosely on the side. Additionally, it should be able to reach the height of the user's wrist. 


A foldable walker will be convenient when you want to travel with an older person because it will occupy a small when it is not being used, when you are acquiring a folding walker, test and confirm that you can easily fold it without needing some help , and that it will remain firm after unfolding for stability purpose. 

Storage space 

If you can get a walker that has a storage basket to carry essential things like a phone, water bottle it will be so helpful to an older person. 


It is worth noting that senior citizens usually get tired a lot when exercising. If you get a walker that has a comfortable seat attached to it will be advantageous to them. During a walk, they can stop to rest before proceeding with their exercise. 

Consider all these points when buying a senior walker for the senior citizen. Choose a company that will give you some assistance and guides you to the right model.

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