26 January 2021

The Importance of Medical Detox Programs for the Management of Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Giving up alcohol or substance abuse after long-term use can be challenging. From the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms to the sudden lifestyle changes, the entire process can be intimidating and eventually result in relapse if not handled correctly and by experts. While some people may find it easier to stop using drugs by managing the resultant withdrawal symptoms exceptionally, others may not be as good at tapering the drug properly. The lack of experience can be very costly, leading to more extended withdrawal periods and exposure to life-threatening situations. 

For these reasons, it’s advisable first to undergo a medical detox before any further treatment. According to a 2010 Alcohol and Alcoholism study, 6.6% of patients in hospitals suffering from an alcohol use disorder died because of ensuing withdrawal symptoms. Medical detox conducted by an experienced physician can prevent fatalities since there’ll be quick medical interventions in any complications occurring. 

What Is Medical Detox? 

Experts warn that detox and the resultant withdrawal symptoms from substance abuse can be physically and psychologically arduous. Once the body and brain get used to the substance, its sudden elimination can shock the body and brain. As a result, the patient may experience both emotional and physical withdrawal symptoms. Medical detox is used to counter and ease these symptoms, making the process easier and manageable on the body and brain. 

 Patients who undergo medical detox with medically qualified addiction treatment experts are more likely to complete the process without incidences of relapse and move into actual treatment and recovery. However, it’s important to note that medical detox does not entirely wipe out withdrawal symptoms. The main goal is usually to make the process easier and bearable for patients to move on to the next treatment process. 

When is Medical Detox Necessary? 

If you or a loved one is experiencing any of the below situations, it’s more likely that you require medical detox. They include: 

  • Long-term alcohol or substance abuse 
  • Instances of complicated physical and mental disorders related to substance abuse 
  • Multiple occurrences of detox and relapse incidents – high risk of a relapse 
  • Polydrug addiction – for people who use benzos and opioids 

Such incidents can cause fatal psychological and physical reactions to medical detox, leading to self-harm, relapse, or even death. People who also use more than one substance are advised to undergo medical detox since the drugs can cause different withdrawal symptoms and can be challenging to manage without a medically trained specialist. Patients with co-occurring physical and mental disorders can benefit significantly from medically supported detox since it prevents psychological complications. According to Drug and Alcohol Review, depressed patients with co-occurring disorders should be observed during the withdrawal since the depression can worsen and cause them to attempt to take their lives. 

Seek Medical Detox Treatment from an Accredited Drug Treatment Center with Trained Specialists 

Seek medical attention and support from a certified drug treatment facility from the moment you decide to quit alcohol or substance abuse. Trying to stop on your own does not work most times due to subsequent cravings, psychological and social reasons that lead to drug use in the first place. Addiction is not just a physical problem; it’s usually associated with other mental disorders for which the patient will need support.

If you or a loved one needs help for alcohol and substance abuse, medical detox places like Gallus Medical Detox Centers have highly trained addiction treatment specialists who can help you find the best treatment for your needs. These professionals can evaluate your needs and formulate a personalized treatment plan that ensures you gain maximum benefits. Increase your chances of beating addiction by visiting an accredited drug treatment center today.

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