16 March 2021

Return to School or Stay Virtual? School Supplies for Dual Platform Learning

Many parents and teachers are still uncertain whether students will return to the classroom in 2021 or continue to attend virtually from home. Without knowing what the future looks like, it’s hard to know exactly what kids will need to succeed. Should you fill a backpack with pencils, notebooks, and facial tissues, or should you outfit a corner of your living room with a school desk and inspirational posters? The following list consists of products that will serve your child well in either setting and won’t break the bank. 


Art markers are perfect for school activities and projects because they won’t smudge onto skin or clothing once dry. Your kids will love creating bright, colorful picture stories to hold up to the computer camera for their teachers to see or bring home for a prime spot on your refrigerator. The best markers for students can be water-based or scented and sized for easy gripping by small hands. Find out which tip sizes work best for virtual visibility and give your little ones the best chance to create exactly what they envision. 

Dry-erase Board 

A small, handheld quick-wipe whiteboard is the perfect staple for either traditional or home-based schooling. Kids can practice writing, work on math problems, provide short answers or take notes. Mistakes are easily wiped away with no fuss and no mess. Your childrens’ dry-erase board is also portable for when they need to come find you for a little reassurance that they’re doing a good job. 

Lap Desk 

Especially if your kids don’t find sitting at a traditional school desk appealing, a lap desk for kids offers a perfect setting for drawing, doing light homework assignments, reading, or working on a laptop. Your kids can do school work on the sofa or out on the back patio for a change of scenery and fresh air. There are models offered that are safe for bearing weight and can be adjusted for proper height based on the child’s size. You can also find versions that are aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean.


Today, with students often using tablet and laptop technology inside and outside out of the classroom, headphones are an essential tool to keep outside noises to a minimum. Whether you are a parent working from home alongside your school-aged children or a teacher with a classful of kids, a quality set of headphones is as much for your benefit as it is theirs. With a comfortable, adjustable headset, including a microphone, kids will be able to focus without distractions and participate in class activities with clarity of sound and voice.

Basket Organizer 

Until you know whether your kids need backpacks for carrying their supplies, opt for a basket organizer instead. You can buy one designed for a homeschooling space, or you can repurpose a basket you already have to keep pencils, notebooks, and accessories together and easy to find in a pinch. 

Your support for your kids during these uncertain times doesn’t hinge on you buying them expensive homeschool supplies. By creating options this will help everyone stay flexible and do their best no matter where they study

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