15 May 2021

How to Find an Architect in the UK

As you think about renovating or building your home, the vast array of architectural solutions you can choose from could overwhelm you. There is a popular assumption that architects are only required by the 1% of grand estates. In any case, hiring the wrong architect for your residential project could be a regrettable decision, especially if the architect is not professional. 

Here is how to find the right architect for your home 

It helps to conduct research on the architects near you. Start by asking friends and family members for recommendations on nearby architects. 

No one can provide better and relevant advice than someone you trust who has accurate knowledge of your local region and the architecture professionals. 

You can also try looking up an online database to find the list of local architects in your area. All architects practising in the UK are required to register with the Architects Registration Board. 

Browse through online directories to find experienced architects to design your home. Specify your project details and view the list of local architecture firms and their areas of specialization. · 

Consult Humphreys & Sons 

Humphreys & Sons is the best residential architecture firm in Essex & London, UK Many UK customers are impressed with Humphreys & Sons’ handling of ambitious building projects. You will be excited to meet world-class architecture professionals at Humphreys & Sons. The firm’s broad range of knowledge and skills in the industry allow their architects to take absolute control over your project from start to finish. Ease the hassle involved in finding licensed architects to design your new home or renovate your existing property. 

Once you consult HumphreysandSons’ technically gifted professionals, you stand to benefit from their amazing expertise. Whether you need a new house build, planning permission drawings, building regulation plans, extensions, or loft conversions — Humphreys & Sons architects can be of great help. Having served Essex and London homeowners for generations, you can trust these experienced local architects to maximize your returns and achieve fantastic results. 

Factors to consider when shortlisting local architects 

See if the architect is officially registered and licensed. It’s a must for all UK architects to meet the highest industry standards relating to architecture. You can also claim compensation if the architect does anything wrong along the line. 

Chartered architect: You may also want to hire chartered architects as these are bound by a professional code of ethics and operate independently and professionally. 

Type of architect: Verify whether you just need a creative architect to bring your living space to life or you expect your design idea to be implemented perfectly. 

Level of service required: Decide if you need your creative designs to determine your budget or maybe you want a full package of architectural plans and a project manager to oversee the whole project.

Possibility of running into issues with planning permissions and building control. Humphrey & Sons architects can help you navigate your way through rigorous planning application procedures and building regulation policies.

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