8 August 2021

Exciting Gifts your Tween will Love on her Birthday

 It’s true that children don’t stay little for long, and as they enter their tween years, things change even faster than before. Their personalities, style, friendship groups, even their goals and aspirations seem to change daily. This constant state of change doesn’t just make it difficult for you to keep up with what’s going on in their minds, it also makes gift-giving incredibly complicated!

Your tween girl still loves her stuffed animals, but she no longer spends hours playing with them. She wants her own independence, yet the thought of her having free reign with smartphones or even online gaming makes you nervous! Choosing gifts for 12 year old girls isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to leave you scratching your head either. Below, I’ve gathered my favourite tween-friendly gifts that your teenager in the making will love to receive on her birthday, and gifts that you’ll enjoy giving. Check them out!

Instant Print Cameras

Your tween probably already has a smartphone that she uses with supervision, or when she’s out with friends or walking home from school. Her photo reel is probably full of selfies and lots of great memories with her friends. So, how about gifting her something a little more old-school, so she can enjoy her pictures more? Instant print cameras – much like the polaroid ones we shook back in the 90s - are making a comeback and have had a 21st-century makeover. Your tween can snap away and have physical photographs that she can cherish forever and even decorate her room within seconds!

Wireless Headphones

Whether she’s streaming movies in her room, watching content on YouTube, or studying for school, gifting your tween a pair of wireless and noise-cancelling headphones for her birthday, makes enjoying music, gaming or streaming much more enjoyable. Consider wireless options such as over-the-head headphones or earbuds to prevent those wires from getting tangled or damaged.

A Journal

Did you have a journal or a diary when you were younger? It may sound a little dated, but having somewhere to write down thoughts, feelings, aspirations and even practice gratitude is something that still resonates with young people today. Gifting your tween a journal with some beautiful stationery allows her to capture her emotions and take a step away from technology (even if it’s just for a little while).

Gig Tickets

Has your tween been to their first concert or gig yet? Experiencing a live music performance in a huge arena is a rite of passage for all tweens. Whether they want to go with their friends and have you holding their coats while they scream and sing-along or they’d prefer you to be waiting for them in the car park where you can’t embarrass them, it’s their choice! Either way, you’d be gifting them, not just a present, but also a life-long memory that they’ll cherish forever.

Final Thoughts…

Kids don’t stay kids for long, however, with the right gift for your tween girl, you can still evoke the magic and love that comes from gift-giving, no matter how old they might be. 



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