11 August 2021

How to Reinvent Your Kitchen with Shaker Style Cabinet Doors

A religious group that went by the name 'The Shakers' immigrated to the US in the 18th century. They were quite well-known for their ability to construct minimalistic and practical furniture that could last for decades. 

Ironically, their designs inspired the modern-day shaker-style cabinet doors. The simplicity that The Shakers incorporated into their furniture is the cornerstone of the modern shaker-style cabinets. 

Kitchen cabinets were introduced for kitchen interiors in the 20th century. Since then, they’ve made all kitchens more organized and better looking. They are also an easily affordable way to remodel your kitchen to give it a different look completely. With new designs evolving in kitchen interiors, you'd want to choose the right cabinet doors that complement the aesthetic of your kitchen and provide durability. 

What is a Shaker-Style Cabinet? 

Shaker-style cabinet doors have one feature in common. They have a flat, recessed center panel surrounded by simple edges, and they even have elegant designs on them. They're commonly a five-piece door that opens at the center. 

They are one of the most popular kitchen cabinet door styles because it has easy upkeep and looks attractive in any kitchen. Their versatility and utility also make them appealing for many people who want to remodel their kitchen without involving contractors. 

Deciding the Right Design for Your Kitchen 

Whether you have a classic, modern or transitional kitchen, shaker-style cabinets are ideal for any kitchen design. You won’t have to remodel your whole kitchen just to because you want to install new cabinets. 

You could break the monotony of your kitchen interiors, whether it’s all white or black, by adding in a pop of color with your shaker-style cabinets. If you have colored flooring and modern d├ęcor in your kitchen, you might want to consider adding neutral-colored simple shaker-style cabinets in white, black, or beige. 

Natural materials are also another timeless design feature that can be incorporated into your kitchen. Whether you choose to get your shaker-style cabinets in oak, maple, hickory, or any other type of wood, you can use different wood polishes to give it a different color when you’re looking for a slight upgrade. 

You could also change your kitchen aesthetic by adding glass inserts where the recessed center of the traditional shaker-style cabinet is. This will give a modern edge to your kitchen and make your kitchen appear more spacious. 

You can add different finishes for hardware like silver, gold, or rose gold for your kitchen cabinets to spruce them up from time to time. Many people also choose handmade knobs instead of handles for these cabinets. 

Different Types of Cabinet Doors 

Whether you’re looking for a simple design or decorative edges on your cabinet doors, you can find a shaker-style option that will be suitable for your needs. Besides design, you can also find these cabinets in a multitude of colors. 

One of the benefits of having this type of design is that you can easily paint over these doors to match your new interior whenever you're remodeling. 

For kitchens with modern and minimalistic elements, get cabinet doors that have a little bit of design on the edges to add flair and sophistication. 


Shaker-style cabinet doors are an inexpensive option to spruce up your kitchen. If you are on a particularly tight budget, you can choose a budget-friendly alternative wood for your shaker-style cabinet. 

The best way to save on costs with shaker-style cabinets is by getting inexpensive wood, but if you consider how long these cabinet doors will stay in your kitchen, you might want to get a pricier option. 

Since you can change them when remodeling your kitchen through different hardware or paint, they end up making a great long-term investment for your kitchen. 

Get the Perfect Cabinet Doors for Your Kitchen 

If you’re planning on selling your home later down the line, getting shaker-style kitchen cabinets can be a good choice because they are classic and won't go out of style for any kitchen interior design. 

The straight lines and recessed centerpiece that are the trademarks of a shaker-style cabinet door can belong to any type of kitchen, whether it’s a coastal blue or a modern white and black interior. 

For many people, when they think of cabinets, they think of shaker-style cabinets. That is how classic and timeless this style is. When in doubt, you can always trust that installing shaker-style cabinets will be a good choice. Buy your cabinets from a trusted supplier, and don't hesitate to ask for guidance if you can't decide the right style for your requirements and budget.

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