11 December 2021

Customized New Curtains Can Help Customers Select Window Treatments

Finding new curtains can be harder than it seems. Customers might find curtains that they mostly like, but those curtains could still be too short or long for their windows. Getting customized drapes or curtains might help many customers avoid this issue and plenty of others.

Curtain Size

Floor-length curtains are certainly popular. Many customers like these long curtains because they're able to provide plenty of shade and reliable light control indoors. Sometimes, these floor-length drapes or curtains can make a room seem somewhat larger as well. They might cover most of a wall, which will draw attention to the wall's length. A wall that has shorter window treatments and other features in the same area can sometimes seem comparatively small. 

Still, other customers might be interested in curtains or drapes that are shorter. They could have other uses for the lower wall space that the long curtains would cover. Longer curtains are also heavier than shorter ones. People might not always want to have to move these large cloth window treatments aside when they want a certain room to have more natural light. They may want shorter, lighter curtains instead.

Switching from longer curtains to new shorter curtains can quickly change the way a room looks. Bigger curtains may seem like they've increased the size of a single wall, but the smaller curtains may make the full room seem more expansive. 

Of course, the people who get custom curtains and drapes may just be able to make certain heavy curtains lighter by changing the fabric. The customers will already make those window treatments seem very different when they decide on design changes like that. 

Fabric Materials

Long curtains will still usually let in lots of natural sunlight if they're made from delicate types of fabric. Those curtains usually still won't be completely transparent, even though they might seem that way before they're installed. These curtains will reduce the overall amount of natural outdoor light that a given room receives throughout the day, but only slightly. Curtains like these will have a very timeless and decorative look to them.

Customers may want curtains that are made from softer types of fabric, regardless of whether the curtains are solid or somewhat sheer. Customers won't be handling the curtains themselves very frequently, but they might still want the fabric to be smooth when they have to do so. 

Softer fabric also usually looks somewhat different from rough fabric, even from a distance. These materials can look softer than they are. However, soft fabric typically has a smooth appearance to it. Rough types of fabric might look nice in certain rooms. Curtains made from these materials may be ideal in living rooms that use some popular interior design styles. The softer curtains that genuinely look just as soft may be just as effective in other rooms. 

Soft material is sometimes not as heavy as tougher material, but that isn't always true. People who want curtains made from fabric that has both characteristics should be able to find them, especially if they get customized new curtains. 

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