11 December 2021

Don’t Let These 4 Common Winter Roofing Mistakes Cost You

Winter is the best time to take care of your roof. When inspections are done, shingles are replaced, gutters are cleaned out, and chimneys are inspected. There's nothing worse than having a leaky or blistered roof when it's time for winter after all of the snow melts!

However, four common roofing mistakes may have gone unnoticed for years. These mistakes can cause severe damage to your home during severe storms or high winds that may come later in the year.

Forgetting About Your Gutters

In the winter, leaves fall from the trees around your property and end up clogging gutters. If left untreated, snow and ice will eventually melt and back up onto your roof.

Just make sure you keep your gutters clean of leaves, branches, wet grass clippings, or anything else that could build up. Letting some of these items line your gutters could eventually affect the structural integrity of your roof and become potentially deadly.

Failure To Seal Open Seams

Snow and ice can quickly work their way into the loosely sealed seams of your shingles, where they leak and result in water damage. Over time, this ice build-up can expand and cause your shingle tabs to break, creating an opening big enough for water and snow to get inside your home.

If your roof leaks from a closed seam, you can get rid of it by patching it with a shingle patching kit. But this is the only sealer you should use around a leaky seam. Falling snow and ice are more likely to work their way into the area around a seam, so do not use any sealer for this job.

Not Using The Right Number Of Fasteners

When you install your shingles, there are a couple of different ways of fastening them to protect against the elements. They can either be nailed or stapled. When using nails, you want to make sure you have enough of them. You should install at least a dozen nails in every 16-inch strip of shingle. Doing this will ensure the shingles are gripping firmly and prevent them from moving or sagging. If you can't install the nails on your own, you can consider getting the help of a Muskoka Roofing company.

Failing To Get The Right Insurance

If your roof is exposed to harsh weather conditions, you should get an insurance policy that covers that risk. This type of policy will help cover the cost of roof damage and maintenance in these situations. Windstorm insurance is available to help protect your roof from unforeseen occurrences. Speak with an insurance broker to determine how much coverage you need and how it could help you in the future.

Winter is the season to be especially vigilant when it comes to protecting your roof. Before you go to bed at night, check up on all the seals around your roof and make sure they're tight. During the day, remove any excess snow or ice build-up and clean out your gutters.

If you take care of your home now, you'll have fewer issues to deal with when the cold weather returns. Winters are cold and harsh, so a roof that's properly sealed can help keep your home protected.


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