21 December 2021

Equipment Used To School A Horse To Jump

Horse trainers and recreational riders spend a great deal of time training their horses to perform in certain desired ways. One skill that any well-schooled horse should master is learning how to jump over an obstacle. This is the ultimate goal for those who wish to compete with their mounts in show jumping at horse shows. If you plan to use your horse out in the field during fox hunts, the activity necessitates jumping. Anytime you are out on a trail ride, you may come across a fallen tree or small creek and there may not be a way around it. You will face a need for your horse to jump over it to continue on your way. There are several important types of equipment that you will want to safely and effectively train your horse to take a jump.

Safety First

Whenever you ask a 1,200-pound equine to learn to take to the air, there can be a risk of injury involved to either horse or rider. Riders must always wear a hard helmet that utilizes a sturdy harness to keep it in place whenever they are atop a horse for any reason. Equestrian riding boots with a heel will help prevent the rider's foot from becoming ensnared in the stirrups if the horse stumbles or falls. Safety vests for show jumping are also available that provide a cushion to your ribs and back should you take a tumble from your steed.

Horses also need protection as they learn this valuable skill. Placing splint boots on the legs will help to prevent injuries to the delicate limbs as they learn the correct ways to manipulate their legs in the approach to and landing from a jump. Bell boots protect their hooves as you teach them to jump, offering an additional safeguard.

Proper Tools

It is best to use appropriate schooling horse jumps and standards for teaching a horse to jump. Wooden poles and standards constructed of sturdy materials offer durability. It is also crucial to use metal jump cups to hold the poles in place on the standards. If the horse goes over a jump and hits it, the rails will fall off the jump cups, creating less risk of injury to the horse and rider

You can enjoy show jumping, eventing, riding to hounds or simply trail riding more when you have properly and safely trained your horse to jump on command, utilizing safe and appropriate equipment.

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