5 December 2021

Meet the Superheroes of Stargirl

Stargirl is a popular television series that features a classic heroes-versus-villains plot with an interesting twist. Many of the characters are teenagers who have followed their parents and elders into their respective organizations for good or evil. Members of the Justice Society of America face off against their rivals in the Injustice Society of America. Meet some of the superheroes who strive to combat injustice on all levels.

Courtney Whitmore

In this series produced by Geoff Johns, Courtney Whitmore is just a regular teenager until she discovers Starman's staff in her stepfather's home and realizes that she can use it. Courtney builds her powers, accepts the role of Stargirl and leads a group of her high school friends in embracing their responsibilities as the new generation of the Justice Society of America. In the meantime, Courtney must cope with her mother's marriage, her selfish, largely absent biological father and the usual teenage angst of school, friendships and relationships.

Yolanda Montez

Yolanda Montez is a smart girl caught up in a high school scandal. With one poor decision, she ends up an outcast, disgraced at school and at home. Yet Yolanda finds a friend in Courtney, and she becomes Wildcat, complete with all the character's powers. As Wildcat, Yolanda finds a new purpose in life and a way to prove her worth, especially to herself.

Beth Chapel

Beth Chapel is also a high school outcast, but she, too, finds acceptance and purpose as Doctor Mid-Nite in the Justice Society of America. When Beth figures out that Courtney and Yolanda are Stargirl and Wildcat, she is intrigued and investigates. She is shocked at what she discovers, but she soon takes her place as one of the cleverest of the superheroes.

Rick Tyler

Rick Tyler is the son of original Justice Society of America member Hourman, and Rick takes over his father's powers. Drawing on an hourglass, Rick, as the new Hourman, receives a boost in speed, strength and agility for one hour each day. Rick is a troubled kid, angry after his parents' deaths and abused by his uncle. Rick acts out and gets into trouble, but he finds a place in the new Justice Society of America alongside Courtney and her friends.

Pat Dugan

Pat Dugan is Courtney's stepfather and the original Starman's sidekick. He longs for a “normal” life after his years as a superhero. Pat witnessed the murder of many of his superhero friends, and he has kept Starman's staff, never dreaming that one day he would help his stepdaughter learn how to use it.

Indeed, Stargirl is filled with fascinating yet relatable superheroes who are ready to fight for justice at all costs.

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