14 December 2021

What are the quality grades of leather?

When you purchase a high-quality leather product, it is a good idea to know a little about the types of leather that exist. Leather is made from animal skin and can be processed differently depending on how the owner wants to use it. There are several quality grades of leather. All leather will have some marks or imperfections due to its natural growth processes, so these small imperfections add character to your final product. Some of the types of leather entail:


This type of leather is minimally processed by sanding off the top layer(s) of skin and then buffing away any remaining imperfections. Full-grain leather is durable and can withstand normal use for years without developing blemishes. Full-grain leather comes from the area on an animal's hide near its spine, which tends to be thicker than other areas of skin. This gives it extra protection against abrasion from daily contact with items like car seats or furniture.


This type of leather is the second-highest quality grade available because it is made by splitting full-grain hides down into layers before sanding away imperfections. Some companies will split cowhide up to three times or more until they get the desired thickness for the finished product, resulting in a final top-grain piece that feels almost as smooth as full-grain leather. Top-grain is more durable than full-grain but does not have the same depth of color or feel as corrected leather, making it an affordable option for casual use items like shoes, furniture, and leather wallets for men.


This type of leather is made by sanding the full-grain hide down to almost nothing before applying dyes, pigments, finishes, and other treatments. The resulting product has a uniform color throughout. Still, it is not as durable as full-grain or top-grain products because all its protective skin layers have been removed during processing. Corrected grain is often used in shoe soles and heels because these areas tend not to be very visible when you are wearing them, so the softer leather is easier to wear down.

Bonded Leather

This type of leather starts as a byproduct from the meat industry and consists of pieces that have been glued together with an adhesive, pressed into a thin sheet, and then sanded down to produce a smooth final product. Bonded leathers are typically found in upholstery projects like car seats because they are relatively cheap, thin, conform well to surfaces, and can be dyed easily. However, they do not last very long or retain their shape consistently over time.

There are many reasons to choose leather items. One of the main reasons is that leather lasts much longer than other materials. The material is also very durable and can withstand much wear and tear. Additionally, leather offers a wide range of stylish and sophisticated options. The majority of the leather products are affordable and provide great value for your money. So, if you are looking for quality wallets that will last for years, leather wallets for men are a perfect choice.

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